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Rob's PET scan yesterday was good enough to allow him to continue with his clinical trial. See the details at his CaringBridge.
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If you've forgotten your CaringBridge password and so you're not reading these posts, hey, you can get CaringBridge to send you a new one.

Rob's cancer has progressed further and is now is found in the ulcers in his stomach. Since it has been proven by biopsy that he has "progressed," he's being taken off the study he's been on for the past 14 weeks and will be placed on a different one. It means we'll be spending much more time in Rochester, which, no offense, is a very nice city. But...we'll be spending a lot more time in Rochester. Thank you, Kyle and Mary, for putting us up.

CaringBridge post.
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We finally caught up with Rob's oncologist who interpreted the PET scan from two weeks ago for us. Rob has put on a waiting list for a new clinical study. He may get called to go in for tests sometime in the next 2-8 weeks. He would be a good candidate, but he may be ineligible because of his participation in an earlier study. Read more at our CaringBridge post.
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It's all summed up in the first line of the report: "Mixed changes with however worsening of lymphoma."

Read the rest at the CaringBridge post here.
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Rob and I just came back from Rochester. We have a mixed report. New spots on his liver and spleen. Are they tumors or inflammation? We don't know. The one deep in his body is probably a tumor, as it's right at the site of the tumor that started it all, which had apparently been eliminated by radiation in early 2015. One glowy bit from the last PET scan is gone. The doctor has decided the best thing is just to stay the course for now.

Read the rest on our CaringBridge post here.

I am so goddamned tired of all the uncertainty.
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We are back from a two day stay at Mayo. The latest PET scan and biopsy gave us good news, and we've learned some more about how truly fortunate Rob has been. You may read more at the CaringBridge link here.
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Rob's last PET scan was suspicious, and the most recent one, taken this month, was worse. Our doctors did a biopsy, and we received the results today. Rob's cancer has indeed come out of remission, although at least it hasn't reached his bones yet. He is starting an immunatherapy trial at Mayo Clinic next week. Read the details here at our CaringBridge site.

We had waited until tonight to share the news with the girls that the last PET scan was bad because we wanted them to get through their finals first. Finals are over, however, and they have both been told.
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We've had two trips to Mayo in the past two weeks and have received both good news and inconclusive news. Good news: surgical site (Athena's old quarters) is healing, and PET scans show old cancer sites are dark. Inconclusive news: there are some new glowing areas on the PET scan in his neck area...but we aren't sure whether it's cancer or not. Read further on our CaringBridge report (see link).

Read the post at our CaringBridge here.
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I've posted a link to CaringBridge, ominously titled, "Really, it's not been a great month (or) Dagnabbit, Athena."

Rob's head tumor seems to have made a reappearance. We went to Mayo where it was surgically removed today. Click here to read further at Rob's CaringBridge journal.
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Had a follow up visit at Mayo today. Today's PET scan was perfectly clean, and the surgical wound is so well healed that we don't need to dress it or cover it any more. The total remission continues to hold strong. Yay! Only disappointment is that the genetic report on the tumor still isn't ready (way overdue). Next follow up is in November.

Read the rest at our CaringBridge here.
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We have been back twice to Mayo to follow up with Rob's surgeon. His wound is healing well, but more importantly, the biopsy results indicate his lymphoma has been completely routed from his body. For the first time in two years, apparently, Rob is completely cancer-free. YAY!

Read more details at our CaringBridge post here.
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The tumor on his head has shrunk to skin level. Rob's heart is slowly improving. Next step will be testing/PET scan in Rochester on March 17.

See more at the CaringBridge post here.
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Rather to our astonishment, Rob is beginning three weeks of radiation at the Mayo Clinic this coming Monday. Everything fell into place extremely quickly.

Read the details at our CaringBridge here.
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We have known this information for awhile but we delayed in making it generally known so that we could notify family first. The clinical trial that Rob underwent did not work, and so he still is not cleared for stem cell transplant. We met with our oncologist to discuss our dwindling options.

Read more on Rob's CaringBridge account here.
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Rob is home from the hospital! (And losing his hair all over again, poor guy; he looks a bit mangy but is very glad to be home), and with me, he thanks everyone for their support.

CaringBridge post here.
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Thanks to all who came out to help. CaringBridge post is here.

Meanwhile: Rob's donor comes to the hospital to have his NK cells removed. They will be processed overnight and then administered to Rob on Tuesday.
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Short CaringBridge post here, mainly to ask for help this coming Saturday afternoon reorganizing the garage. We need to reshuffle the boxes into a more useable configuration and add more boxes from Rob's de-constructed mancave. The fun starts at 1:00 p.m., and I hope that the people who said that snow starts tomorrow were only kidding. The CaringBridge post has instructions on where to email if you think you can attend. Thank you.
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Read the details at our CaringBridge post here.

Peg's to do list for the next several weeks before (and possibly after) Rob is out of the hospital:

•Finalize the kitchen repairs bid and pick paint colors
•Call Open Arms of Minnesota to notify them I need to cut my delivery in half since Rob is hospitalized.
•Get Rob checked into the hospital.
•Go to work. Pay ALL the bills. Including the ones that Rob usually pays.
•Move stuff wherever possible so that the kitchen repairs can be completed. (Into the den? From one end of the kitchen to the other? Um...)
•Contact the carpet installer and have him put the new carpet into the den.
•Pay the contractors when jobs are done. Update the spreadsheet and keep track of the receipts.
•Set date and send out invitations for Garage Tetris work party.
•Reorganize the boxes in the garage so more can be added (work party).
•Take the bookcase out of the garage and use some the contractor's paint to paint it. When it's dry, it'll go into the dining room.
•Delegate some people to take certain objects out of the garage to possible new homes. Top of barbecue to scrap metal dealer. Old bicycle to nephews for parts? See if anyone can take the task to see if the ebay store in Edina would accept Rob's law library books to try to sell on eBay.
•Take boxes in Fiona's old bed room and move some to garage, and the rest to the den.
•Visit Rob in the hospital (ongoing).
•Buy a love seat for the den (We've picked one at Ikea. And no, I am not going to drive to pick it up or assemble it myself. I will PAY to have someone do that).Edited to add: shout out of thanks to my neighbor who has volunteered to pick up and assemble this once we purchase it.
•Buy a single sleeper futon for Fiona's old bed room/eventually my office (several relatives have volunteered to come from out of town for caregiving, and we have no guest room). Fiona asked me to have her come along since she had plenty of painful experience with Bad Futons and can hopefully help me avoid them.
•Finish research and buy an air purifier.
•Buy a medical alert bracelet for Rob.
•Contact my nephews and arrange time to put furniture back in the den.
•Put up the floor-to-ceiling bookcase in the den and replace all the books.
•Put up new cases for media
•Do my best to set up Rob's electronics in the den
•Move the large screen TV into the den, which is where it has belonged all along.
•Contact someone to do duct cleaning
•Steam clean the carpets upstairs
•Dust everything everywhere
•Put the garden to bed
•Figure out where family thanksgiving will be held (not my house, obviously).
•Figure out whether Rob can attend (probably won't know until that week).
•Figure out how to get Delia home from the University for Thanksgiving if I can't leave Rob alone. Perhaps she can grab a ride from someone, or perhaps she will stay there and have Thanksgiving with her uncle and aunt?
•Set up 24/7 caregiving schedule for Rob (through Christmas)?
•Christmas shopping. Probably entirely on line.
•Buy a new electric blanket (ours is old and grotty and therefore unsafe for the immune-suppressed) and new sheets (we have only one set, and they have to be cleaned/changed frequently when he comes home).
•Send out holiday cards and letter (already purchased).

It would be nice, but I'm not sure I'll get to it:
•Contracting for electrical repairs
•Contract to get an iron hand rail installed for the steps up to our house
•Buying new towels and rugs for our newly refinished bathroom
•Thank you notes
•Keep up with Alternity

Do you wonder why I've turned out all the lights tonight and am not handing out trick or treat candy?
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and the clinical trial is a GO. Details (and requests for help) are posted on our CaringBridge site here.
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Rob has been accepted as a patient in a clinical trial which we hope will get him to the point that he'll be able to have a stem cell transplant. Read more about it at our CaringBridge here.


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