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I often post a song for the Winter Solstice on my blog. I went to YouTube looking for one and found an entire mix. If you'd like to hear some lovely Solstice songs, here is the link.

Enjoy the music, and happy Solstice! Lighter days are coming, and I, for one, am glad.
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Harry Potter versus Twilight. Thanks to Delia for the link!

Rather good looking dancing. And one hilariously gratuitous ab shot.

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It is really an advent carol, but almost entirely unknown, I think. About its origins says:
John Taylor, Postbridge aged 85, Tune not recorded in Killerton Ms but can be found in the Rough Ms. Baring-Gould gives a second version which he says is closer to the broadside ballad.
K3 p297
from Sabine Baring-Gould and the folk songs of South-West England

The gorgeous version I have is by Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra (here you can hear small sample).

I found another artist who put the whole song online, giving it a different title.

Here are the lyrics of the version I know )
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Fiona and I went to see Next to Normal tonight. This song was the one that made me bawl. In it, the husband, Dan, is trying to convince the wife to sign a form giving consent to undergo a scary medical procedure. She is at the hospital and he has been living at home.

I am in exactly this position. We signed the papers a couple of weeks ago. Now I sit at home alone, waiting and hoping while Rob is in the hospital.

I listened to the soundtrack after I dropped off Fiona and drove home. A single light was shining on the porch when I reached it, just as this song was playing.
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I discovered this song when my family sent me on a spa weekend getaway for my fiftieth birthday.

I have been playing it a lot lately, when the wish for a Time Turner starts itching at me again, as it has a lot lately.

But hey, I'm not wishing for a Resurrection Stone.

Tell me about ways you are living in the moment.
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We need to give winter a swift kick in the pants. Some serious conjuring might be needed.

This song should do nicely.


Feb. 14th, 2014 01:29 pm
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A long time ago, someone gave me Zoe Mulford's song Elegy (Crystal Glass), which you can hear in its entirety on her website here. The lyrics are also posted there.

Do listen to it, and leave me a comment if you do. I think it's a lovely message. I draw it to your attention in honor of the ten beautiful crystal iced tea glasses my mom has given me, as part of her move to a smaller home.



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On my way to Espresso Royale for the French conversation group today, I heard this song come up on [ profile] marcgunn's Irish and Celtic Music Podcast (Episode 150) and I was so taken with it that I took note of the singer (Jesse Ferguson) and when I got home, I bought it. Found a video of Jesse singing it:

Why do I like it so much? Not sure, but I've had it on repeat all afternoon.

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I'm a singer (amateur) but don't play any instruments (alas). I found this utterly fascinating: legendary Queen guitarist Brian May explains, step by step, how Bohemian Rhapsody was mixed/put together.

Here's the song Bohemian Rhapsody )

Here's the explanation:

(Did you know, by the way, that Brian May has a Ph.D. in Astrophysics? I didn't!)
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This is a really good version of 'Space Oddity.' And bonus: it was shot on the International Space Station by Commander Chris Hadfield.


May. 15th, 2013 09:00 pm
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I'd never heard of this singer Sara Bareilles before, but this video caught my eye on Facebook (thanks, Nina Kiriki Hoffman!), as well as her comment, 'Love the all-size dancers.' I listened to it and immediately went to download it. I think it'll be a new favorite.

This is a song for my House Gryffindor.

It's also a song for my daughters, and I'll be giving it to both of them. I'll also be adding it to my playlist 'The Well-Lived Life.'
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Marc Gunn (of the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast) is once again offering his free annual download of 17 Irish music mp3s. Check it out here.
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I've just picked up the new album by one of my favorite musicians, Sora. I loved her last album, Heartwood, and her new album, Scorpion Moon is also beautiful. She has a gorgeous voice, and she loves to sing about subjects that deeply interest me. She writes a lot of songs about fairy tales. The new album has songs about Scheherazade, a mermaid, heroes, Rapunzel, and ghosts.

I particularly recommend one perfectly exquisite song, called Hold. Here's her blog video from her website about it, in which she talks about writing it as a response to a question about loving a person suffering from depression:
Approximately 8% of adults will experience clinical depression in their lifetime, a debilitating and isolating reality. Those statistics tell me that everyone has known someone with clinical depression, someone reading this right now has been mired in the depths of that dark spiral. Once I was asked "do you understand?" when confronted with the terrible reality of another's misery. I wasn't sure how to answer, not wanting to discount or take away from the pain I was being presented with. This song was my answer.

Lyrics )
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This one came up on my Midwinter playlist today. It occurs to me that this song, which was distributed in an English broadsheet in the 19th century, would be a great anthem for the Occupy movement. The version I'm listening to is on this album, and it's just a stunning arrangement. You can hear a snippet/sample at that link to give you an idea, or a slightly longer sample on iTunes. Let me know if you listen and like.

Time to Remember the Poor

Cold winter is come, with its cold chilling breath
And the leaves are all gone from the trees.
All nature seems touched by the finger of death
And the streams are beginning to freeze.
When the young wanton lads o'er the river slide,
When flowers attend us no more,
In plenty you are sitting by a warm fireside:
That's the time to remember the poor.

When the cold feathery snow from the North does descend
It blankets the prospects around.
The keen cutting wind from the North will attend
And cover it over the ground.
When the bright twinkling stars they proclaim the cold night
And the rivers are froze on the shore,
When the hills and the dales are all mantled with white
That's the time to remember the poor.

When the poor harmless hare escapes from the wood
His footprints indented in the snow,
When the lips and the fingers are tinted with blood
And the sportsman a-hunting do go.
When the poor Robin Redbreast approaches your cot
When the icicles hang from the door,
When the smoke it does billow, reviving and hot:
That's the time to remember the poor.

Soon the time will here when our Saviour on Earth
The ends of the Earth will rejoice.
And angels and men Hallelujah shall sing
Then the rich shall lie down with the poor.
Then the rich must remember the poor.
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for Peter Mayer concert. So happy!
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I just bought Peter Mayer's newest album and am already obsessed with two or three songs on the album. But this one particularly stands out.

I have someone who I particularly love who struggles with depression. When she's having a tough time, she talks about feeling 'broken,' and hence, worthless.

The Japanese idea of kintsugi might be particularly helpful, the idea that the pot that is broken and mended is even more valuable, and the cracks are part of the beauty.

It's also an especially lovely song.

(Here's another link to a different performance of the song by Peter, and he talks about the concept a bit in the song introduction.)
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I just downloaded a free Emmylou Harris song:
Legendary and emerging female musicians from around the world have come together to support the Half the Sky Movement. One song available every day, 30 free songs in 30 days.
I'm coming in a little late, at day 8.
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Oh, this is fun (Delia's been listening to this song a lot lately).


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