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She slept in her new apartment last night and is back over here today, packing up a few more things. We have broken down the bed, because she is taking it with her.

(She has the cutest new haircut, a pixie hair cut which suits her gamine features beautifully. I asked to be allowed to post a picture, but she said, "Later, when I am not hot and sweaty and gross.")

She said that she and her roommates are well-stocked on kitchen things: "We have a popcorn popper. We have pots and pans. We have a slow cooker. We have a rice cooker. We have a waffle maker. We are real goddamn adults."

She has been going through her books, trying to decide what to take and what to cull. She took all her dearly beloved fantasy and fairytale books. I told her that we would be willing to store any she wants to keep that she doesn't want now but thinks she would want her own kids to read some day. I have given her my most treasured fairy tale book to take with her, Lona on the condition that she never ever sell it, that she keep it for her own child, or someone worthy, and that she hand it down to someone else only on the condition that they never sell it, but hand it to someone worthy. "Hand to God, I promise," she said. She knows how important it is. "And you also have visitation rights anytime you want to read it again."

This is really happening. My daughter is moving out.
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