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It's been a weekend of some good, but plenty of frustrations.

Rob's car has been flashing a low oil light. Fine, I figured, I would go and get the oil changed before putting it into winter storage. Yesterday was Rob's birthday, and the family was gathering in his hospital room--including Delia, whose Uncle Phil drove her from Eau Claire for the occasion--and I missed some of it because I spent four and a half hours stuck at the oil change place. And I didn't get out without spending over $200 for an oil change, an air filter, new wiper blades...and a broken hood latch, which is what prevented them from getting the work done. And it still isn't really fixed. There's a wire that has to be pulled with a pair of pliers to open the hood.

That was just one of a series of petty frustrations and setbacks.

I have chilblains. I am washing my hands frequently, both to keep from getting sick, and because you have to wash before and after visiting the hospital unit (I wear a paper mask when I visit him, too--he has a white blood count that is practically zero). My hands are dry, cracked, red, swollen and painful. How do health workers deal with this, washing their hands forty times a day?

But some good things have happened, too. It was good to see family yesterday, and that they could see Rob on his birthday. I ran the girls home for a quick look at all the work that's being done in the house, and they were delighted and impressed with the progress. The futon is now delivered! And it fits perfectly in the space. I had a good visit with Rob today. We've been reading aloud to each other from Robert Gilbraith (J.K. Rowling's) The Silkworm and we're almost finished with it.
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