Mar. 3rd, 2018

pegkerr: (Give her hell from us Peeves)
Someone tell me not to send this:

Dear Securian:

Here is the receipt you requested for the $4.06 I charged to my health savings account credit card. This was a payment made over the phone to _______ pharmacy, which was calling to explain that they had messed up my billing: something had been duplicated, so part was being reversed, and if I just paid $4.06, we would be square. I actually think it's kind of amazing, given everything that's been going on for me, that I thought to ask them to send me a receipt. Good thing they did, considering your warning that if I do not send you this documentation within 45 days, you will cancel my health savings card AND inform my employer. I find this threat oddly amusing, considering I have bigger problems. My husband is dead, just one of the twenty or so Explanation of Benefits statements I've recently received notes charges of $618,000 +, and they still haven't straightened out the billing mess. But anyway, here is your proof that I properly spent that $4.06 on something related to medical costs.

Choke on it.


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