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This is really well done. And funny.

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From an article here:
Time-lapse is one of the hottest trends in photography nowadays, thanks in part to the wider availability of high-end cameras, high-resolution video and high production values. But you need some high-class talent behind the lens as well.

It doesn't hurt that the past year has been a gold mine for the glories of the night sky, especially the northern lights. We've featured quite a few time-lapse videos of the aurora, as seen from Earth and from space, and you can click through a few of our favorites below. The latest stunner to surface comes from Pacific Northwest photographer Brad Goldpaint, whose work we featured just a few days ago.

Advertise | AdChoicesGoldpaint's three-minute time-lapse, titled "Within Two Worlds," features three years' worth of sky imagery collected from a variety of locales — including Tumalo Falls, the Three Sisters Wilderness, Crater Lake and Sparks Lake in Oregon, as well as the High Sierra, Mono Lake and Mount Shasta in California.

"I discovered my passion for photography shortly after my mother’s passing while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail three years ago," Goldpaint writes. "This time-lapse video is my visual representation of how the night sky and landscapes co-exist within a world of contradictions. I hope this connection between heaven and earth inspires you to discover and create your own opportunities, to reach your rightful place within two worlds."

For more of Goldpaint's perspectives on the two worlds, check out the Goldpaint Photography website, or his Facebook or Google+ page. On Twitter at @goldpaintphoto.

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This song was a gift to my daughters' childhoods.

I first heard it when a music critic on National Public Radio brought this CD into the studio for a show about new music and talked about how utterly charming this piece was, how lovely the arrangement. And it was. I bought the cd, and everytime I played it for the girls, it would immediately snap them out of whatever funk they were suffering at the time. Delia turned it on in the car on the way to school today, and, as usual, just melted into grins when the mouse came in on the high descant.

Let's hear it for singing mice.

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Best Proposal Evah.

Not sure, but it may be the first Lip-Dub proposal I've seen. It's quite funny. Albeit with quite an original spin on the phrase 'this dancing juice' from the original lyric.

See what you think. It certainly made me smile.

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Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester filmed his daughter once a week from birth to age twelve and made this 2 minute 45 second video by splicing bits of them together.

Yes. They grow up so fast.
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I haven't seen the episode itself. But I went and looked this up when I saw that Bill O'Reilly was railing against Glee including a transgender character, and what a terrible role model it was for children.

You know what? Watching this I think it's a great role model. What a bravura performance. Makes me incredibly happy. I'd put this right up there with Darren Criss' debut.

Makes a very convincing, sexy woman, yeah?
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How has Caine Monroy's life changed in the last week since the film came out about Caine's Arcade?

A lot.

Besides raising over $150,000 on the internet for his college education, he's been given a matching grant for $165,000 from the Goldhirsh Foundation to start the Caine's Arcade Foundation to support more kids in careers involving creativity and entrepreneurship.

Latest tweet from @CainesArcade:

"After school today (and after his dentist appointment) Caine has appointments with the NY Times and TIME Kids."
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This is a GREAT story. Watch this: it'll be the best ten minutes you'll spend today.

A 9-year-old boy spent the summer building a cardboard arcade in his dad’s small auto parts store in East L.A.

His first and only customer, who happened to be a filmmaker, decided to bring some more people to play.

9 year old Caine Monroy is about to have the best day of his life.

Oh, and by the way – if you go to the Caine’s Arcade site they put together, you’ll see that people have chipped in over $137,000+ for him to go to college. There's also a Facebook page.

This decreased worksuck in a major way. Kudos to the loving dad. George Monroy, who found a way to foster his son's creativity while running his business. Here's an interview done by the local NBC affiliate, which includes a short interview with the dad, and it's hilarious: "We're in a junkyard and this is the front office. So he started taking up half the office. And then he had three-quarters of the office, and I just kept moving over and over as he kept building. He kept using bigger boxes. Then he tried to make a ticket thing with a leaf blower. He made me go buy a leaf blower so he could blow tickets around inside the box. So we bought a leaf blower, we plugged it in and tickets were flying everywhere."

Kudos also to filmaker Nirvan Mullick, who took the trouble to NOTICE.

A short film by Nirvan, produced by Interconnected.

This video

Mar. 31st, 2012 10:00 am
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is absolutely delightful. I post it in honor of my mom, who has been playing the cello for over seventy years.

For a limited time, you can get the .mp3 for free. See the link on the Youtube page.

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Delia and I have been talking about the kind of lives we want to live (balanced, enough sleep, enough exercise, good mood management, engaged with others, ethical, etc.) We've both started reading Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project and we're talking about each starting our own Happiness Projects. We started talking about one thing we could do, creating a music playlist. I've done a Hope playlist before, but this is a little different. What would be a good playlist for the concept of living a well-lived life? A life full of love and decreasing world suck and art and carpe diem and so forth? Some of these may be advice songs.

To give you an idea, here's the song that started us out, which I discovered the week of my surprise 50th birthday spa getaway: How You Live (Turn up the Music) by Point of Grace:

Point Of Grace - How You Live (Turn Up The Music) from lovecoversall1 on

Lyrics )

The list so far:

Turn Up the Music - Gracepoint
Waiting Outside the Lines - Greyson Chance
Bitch - Meredith Brooks
Lovely Agnes - Sally Rogers
Myrta and Emory - Deb Smith
Hold On - Wilson Phillips
Elegy (Crystal Glass) - Zoe Munford
Affirmation - Savage Garden
Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
Firework - Katy Perry
John's Garden - Peter Mayer
True Colors - Cindy Lauper
Breathe - Ryan Star
Superman's Song - Crash Test Dummies
Don't Be Shy - Cat Stevens
We Are - Sweet Honey in the Rock
Twist and Shout - The Beatles
99 1/2 Won't Do - Sabathani Choir
Jama Day - Peter Mayer
Birches - Bill Morrissey
This is the New Year - Ian Axel

What are your suggestions?

Here's the soul collage card that goes with this playlist: Resilience )
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Yeah, it's an ad. It's still really fun.

(And I kinda want that dress, too. I like that they used woman of all different sizes and shapes.)

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I was also happy when I read in the paper today that although the Minnesota Senate was STUPID enough to pass a constitutional amendment proposal banning gay marriage that looks as though it will be heading toward the ballot, a new poll shows that the majority of Minnesotans oppose the amendment.
Fifty-five percent of respondents said they oppose adding such an amendment while 39 percent favor a constitutional ban -- views that appear to be a sharp reversal of poll results seven years ago.

Opposition to the ban generally cuts across all ages, though support rises gradually with age. Sixty percent of Minnesotans aged 18 to 34 oppose the idea. A slim majority, 51 percent, of Minnesotans older than 65 oppose the constitutional ban.


Apr. 5th, 2011 10:43 am
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One of the most fun commercials I've seen in years:

Here's how it was made )
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At Heathrow Airport. This one is a T-Mobile commercial. Guaranteed to bring a smile. Amazingly, no instruments were used.

(I particularly like the absolutely dumbfounded expression on the guy's face at 2:00, and the singing of the two groups that come strutting in at 2:09.)

Edited to add: In order, with song and artist who made it famous:

At Last - Etta James
Comin' Home Baby - Michael Buble
Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison
The Passenger - Iggy Pop
The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy
Oh My God - Kaiser Chiefs (later covered by Mark Ronson/Lily Allen)
I Knew You Were Waiting (for Me) - Aretha Franklin/George Michael
Welcome Home - Peters & Lee

Here's another fascinating video about the making of the video up above. )
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as I know the entire Messiah by heart (Soprano section). And I mean the WHOLE thing, not just the Hallelujah Chorus.


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