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She's been playing cello for over seventy-five years. And hey! Tomorrow is her birthday! Happy birthday, Mom.

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Memorial Day and Leigh's Graduation May 25, 2015

This is Memorial Day weekend. But more than that, today is the day that my niece, Leigh, graduates from Brown University.

My dad had gone to Brown University himself, and he was a loyal Brown booster. He went to many of the reunions and was a recruiter for Brown. He was absolutely thrilled that my brother Chet and Chet's daughter Leigh also chose to go to Brown. Dad had always told us how excited and proud he would be to be there on the day that his granddaughter graduates.

I know that today will hold some bittersweet moments for Leigh, since Dad didn't live to see this day. But my Mom is there, and I know that all the family who are there with you are so proud of you, as Dad would have been.

In honor of both Dad and of Leigh, to commemorate Memorial Day and Leigh's graduation, I went to Fort Snelling Cemetery to leave flowers for them both. The rose for Leigh is tied with a brown ribbon, as Brown University's colors are crimsom, white and brown.

Congratulations, Leigh! I wanted you to know that I visited your granddaddy today for you and for all the family, to tell him of your proud achievement in graduating from the school he loved so much. Please know that he loved you, and is absolutely there with you in spirit as you take that long walk down the hill to your commencement.

Memorial Day and Leigh's Graduation May 25, 2015

Memorail Day and Leigh's Graduation May 25, 2015


Feb. 14th, 2014 01:29 pm
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A long time ago, someone gave me Zoe Mulford's song Elegy (Crystal Glass), which you can hear in its entirety on her website here. The lyrics are also posted there.

Do listen to it, and leave me a comment if you do. I think it's a lovely message. I draw it to your attention in honor of the ten beautiful crystal iced tea glasses my mom has given me, as part of her move to a smaller home.





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