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On my way to Espresso Royale for the French conversation group today, I heard this song come up on [ profile] marcgunn's Irish and Celtic Music Podcast (Episode 150) and I was so taken with it that I took note of the singer (Jesse Ferguson) and when I got home, I bought it. Found a video of Jesse singing it:

Why do I like it so much? Not sure, but I've had it on repeat all afternoon.

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Wine for Normal People:
"A podcast for people who like wine but not the snobbery that goes with it." Elizabeth Schneider is a Certified Specialist of Wine and Sommelier, but also a normal person making wine easy and accessible. Rick Breslin is Founder of Hello Vino, a free app providing wine recommendations on your mobile device.
Subscribe through iTunes. On Twitter at @NormalWine and on Facebook here. See also Elizabeth Schneider's blog here. (Find out about Hello Vino here. Hello Vino is on Twitter at @hellovino)

Tolkien Professor:
My name is Corey Olsen. I am a tenured English professor at Washington College and a PhD in medieval literature, and I have been a student of Tolkien's works for as long as I can remember.

On this website (and through my podcast feed on iTunes), I will be posting many different kinds of material, mostly in the form of digital audio files. The heart of my work on this site is my extended, in-depth lecture series on Tolkien's major works, but I have also provided several methods through which we can enter into a more interactive conversation. All of my recorded material is completely free; I hope you have as much fun listening to them as I have making them! I have become increasingly frustrated with the separation between academics and general readers, and I am determined to come out of the cloister and spend my own career sharing my scholarly work with the public. I founded this website because I wanted to connect with other people who are eager to be included in a thoughtful literary conversation about the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Since I launched this site in July 2009, listeners have downloaded more than 1,200,000 of my lectures.
He's also on Twitter at @tolkienprof and on Facebook here.
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The Snapecast ([ profile] snapecast) episode with my essay for "This Slytherin Life" can now be downloaded, either through the website or iTunes. Yay!
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(The following is the submission I am going to make for the podcast [ profile] snapecast's feature "This Slytherin Life.")

Edited to add: Holy cow, it looks like they've already accepted it! That was fast. Hurrah!
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Here's an intriguing site I plan to explore some more:
Open Culture gives you easy access to hundreds of free, smart podcasts for your iPod. Download them, synch them, and put that iPod to good educational use.
Audio books, foreign language drills, university lectures . . . oh yeah. Lots of good stuff here.


Sep. 18th, 2006 09:07 am
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Ok, I'll bite. I've mentioned it before, but PotterCast is asking that people promote the podcast, and provided the link I've posted below, so I'll mention it again.

I've been listening to PotterCast ever since I sat through a live broadcast at Lumos. I tried Mugglecast, too, but really I prefer PotterCast (and yeah, Snapecast). I like the Canon Conundrums (Steve VanderArk of the HP Lexicon, who often leads Canon Conundrums, is a friend--I know him through my work with the Board of Directors of HPEF). I loved the interview with Lord Voldemort. I like getting the news each week, and the interviews, and Hufflepuff Sue squeeing over Jason Isaacs, and the stupid jokes about Dawlish and Chipotle and Mr. Blood, and the drums at the end. I do look forward to downloading it every week. This has been one of the most fun things added to my life since getting my iPod.

PotterCast,the Harry Potter podcast: Celebrity interviews, theories, discussion and more from the Leaky Cauldron
Click here to find out how to use this banner on your space and win prizes!


Sep. 1st, 2006 06:27 am
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Now that I am getting to know and enjoy my shiny new iPod, I have started enjoying podcasts. I have particularly been enjoying PotterCast, put out by the Leaky Cauldron, which I have been downloading for free from iTunes. I've listened to one or two of the Mugglecast podcasts from Mugglenet, but I haven't enjoyed it quite as much. Is there any as good as PotterCast for Lord of the Rings fans?

Your favorite podcast to recommend?
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You know, when the temperature is reaching (almost) record-setting levels is not really the best time to be resuming an exercise program. Particularly when there is no fan or A/C in my office. It reached 102 F today, which is pretty hot for Minneapolis. They expect it to stay above 90 for eight days or so. It's still 92 F at 10:20 p.m.

But I did okay, doing a Sharon Mann light weight-lifting/interval cardio workout, 30 minutes. It's a fun and quite unique program because it incorporates balance challenges into the weightlifting, and it has a really cool exercise I've never seen on any other workout tape or DVD, which manages to target the obliques with weights. That you don't see very often! You stand on one leg and raise the other to the side (abductor engaged). You lift two weights from your hip that is abducting up in a diagonal motion over the opposite shoulder, over your head, as if you're raising an ax. Then open and lower the two weights from over your head to your hip level and cross them in a figure eight motion in front of your body as you squat and switch your weight to the other leg. Then you engage the abductor in the (newly) non-supporting leg, and repeat on the other side. The balance challenge makes it really difficult, and it targets the obliques amazingly well. And I did a 20 minute free Yoga podcast. Free Yogamazing classes at iTunes, oh joy. I felt the stiffness from Thursday's more strenuous weights workout, which I expected; the second day afterwards is always the worst.

Although I cannot be totally smug. Yes, I did work out, and yes, I did eat sensible, healthy meals with lots of vegetables.

But I did succumb to the last of the avocado ice cream tonight. Mmm.

Rob was working today. I took Delia to get her hair trimmed, and then we went to get her annual birthday portrait done. We've had the good luck to be working with an excellent photographer who has been doing our family since the girls were babies; he works at our local Proex. He has always done such good work, and it was, as usual, a very good shoot. I like his eye; he suggested a color for the background which wouldn't have occurred to me, and it worked really well. I'll get the pictures next week, and I'll update Delia's icon. She really is looking stunningly pretty these days.

Hot. Everyone on line is complaining about it tonight. Rob got the window A/C installed in our bedroom just in time, bless him.

I do believe I am going to go down and snabble a Luigi's Italian lemon ice from the freezer. The very best way to beat a heat wave.

What do you like to do to keep cool?


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