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In honor of my dad, Allen Kerr, who served in the United States Navy:

Mom and Dad, wedding day

Today is Veteran's Day (I'm sneaking this under the wire) and Friday would have been his birthday. So I post these two pictures from another occasion, his wedding day with my mother, as they're the only pictures I have right at hand of him wearing his uniform.
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Free meal for Veterans at Applebee's today

In honor of Veterans nationwide, 164 Applebee's restaurants will be offering a free entree to all Veterans who dine in the restaurant today. Stop by with your military I.D. and enjoy one of these tasty offerings: House Sirloin, Riblet Basket, Fiesta Lime Chicken, Quesadilla Burger, or Oriental Chicken Salad. All the traditional sides are included. Offer valid on 11/11/2008 only.
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This post is being made in honor of all who have served in uniform (including my Dad, who was a lieutenant in the Navy) and especially to all who paid the final price, laying down their lives at their country's call. Our nation is even now at war, and I grieve for those in the forefront of the conflict. I pray that President-elect Obama will do his utmost to bring about a peaceful resolution in the days to come.

Do you have a veteran in the family, or are you a veteran yourself? Tell me about his or her service. Take the time to thank him or her it.

Again, thanks, Dad.


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