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I pondered for a long time what an appropriate memorial for Rob would be, and now it is starting to take shape.

Rob and I had talked about getting a Little Free Library in front of our house, and after he died, I determined that would be the best way to remember my book-loving husband.

I seriously pursued the idea of embedding a Bag-End themed Little Free Library into the hill in front of my home and talked with several landscaping companies. While I got some beautiful designs, the cost was just too far out of reach for me. But I was referred to Terry Faust of WeeWeatherVanes who had already constructed several Little Free Libraries, including a round one. Terry is making the library for me now, based on a planter pot that will be mounted on a pole, and I am so excited!

a round plastic planter epot finished with bronze finish

He managed to find a very Bag End-like decorative hinge at a recycling store. He had already cut the window in the door when he found the hinge, and the hinge fit perfectly!

A round unfinished wooden door with a window cut out and a decorative iron hinge

He has made several weather vanes, including a dragon one

A dragon-shaped weathervane

and one designed especially for me, showing a hobbit holding a sword and reading a book, which will be installed on the top (I can swap them out).

A weathervane shaped like a hobbit holding a sword in one hand and a book in the other

It will be stocked with science fiction and fantasy books, many from Rob's overflowing collection.
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