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My family made sure I could have a good day today, and I was so grateful. The first time, the first year of special dates are hard, but the people who love me made it as easy as possible.

My mom, my sister Betsy, Fiona and I went out for brunch. We dropped Fiona at a friend's and then went home and spent a couple of hours clearing stuff out of the garage--my plan is to get Rob's car out of storage and use that, getting rid of my Honda. Haven't decided whether I am going to try to sell it or donate it yet. We filled up the garbage and recycling with lots of stuff (and found various things in boxes that made us laugh. I found his driver's license that expired in 2008, his physics notebook from 1975, and a holographic Olympics calendar from 2002. Rob kept EVERYTHING.)

I also found a Valentine card he had given to me years ago. It was almost like getting a birthday card from him.

Then, we met Fiona again at the Riverview Theater where we went to see The Greatest Showman. Fiona and I had seen it before and enjoyed ourselves hugely, and Mom and Betsy loved seeing it for the first time.

Finally, we drove to my sister's home on Lake Minnetonka, where we ate a delicious dinner. I drove Mom home, and then Fiona. Fiona and I sang The Greatest Showman soundtrack all the way to her apartment.

Yes. I had a good day. I am thankful.

Peg and her mom in a booth at brunch, showing off a caramel roll

Fiona and Peg sit in a booth at brunch

Betsy and Peg at brunch

Believe it or not, it's actually an improvement:
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Week 35: Campaign
This is my first marketing campaign!

Week 35 Campaign.jpg

This card is about how hard I worked, trying to learn everything I needed to know to launch a marketing campaign for (I'm not linking to the compaign, because it's been suspended for now, in part because of my boss's injury. But we hope to resume it soon.)

Week 36: Birthday
To celebrate my birthday, Rob and I spent the night at a bed and breakfast.

Week 36 Birthday.jpg

The scene in this picture (from a magazine I cut out long, long ago) reminds me somewhat of the bay window dining nook where Rob and I had breakfast in this beautifully restored Victorian home (it was a built by a wealthy German immigrant, but he and his wife had no children. After they died, it was turned into a hospital, and then a nursing home, before it was restored for its present purpose.) The (slightly whiter) teapot and cups added to the picture on the table is actually taken from a screenshot from a promotional video for the bed and breakfast. As for the bunnies, they were one bunny, taken from the promotional video, too. (I cleaned up the image in PhotoShop--hey, I'm developing graphics skillz!--and flipped it for the second bunny). Rob and I have a Thing about bunnies, and I was delighted to see it there.

Rob asked me to be sure to tell you all that he demonstrated his undying love for me on my birthday, the night we arrived, by taking me to a restaurant called The Onion Grill. (He loathes onions, whereas I love them.) I enjoyed the onion soup along with the rest of my meal. Rob enjoyed his dinner, too--after he picked all the onions off.

The bed and breakfast really was lovely, as were our hosts. We stayed in the St. Croix room. It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday. Here is the website, and here is the video that convinced us to stay there ) See if you can spot the bunny.
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The card for the week before last, of course, was obvious. And you've seen the picture before.

Week 12: Sixtieth
Rob celebrates his 60th birthday.

Week 12 Sixtieth

Actually, I'll admit I cheated a little. I bought a new color printer/scanner and printed this out on matte photo paper. However, by the time I glued it to the card, sprayed it with fixative and scanned THAT, the photo was blurred out. The original photo wasn't terribly good quality, either, which didn't help. So I just swapped out the original photo .jpg into the scan for posting this digital version. The actual card doesn't look quite as good.

So I just have last week's card to catch up and then...good heavens. That's thirteen cards. Which means we are already a quarter of the way through the year.
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Happy birthday to Rob on his 60th birthday!

Rob and Cheesecake

We brought Delia home from college for the occasion for the weekend. Today, my mom took us out for lunch to The Cheesecake Factory, where we indulged. Thanks, Mom! It was a lovely weekend spent with the girls, and a quiet celebration which suited Rob exactly.
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She's been playing cello for over seventy-five years. And hey! Tomorrow is her birthday! Happy birthday, Mom.

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It's been a weekend of some good, but plenty of frustrations.

Rob's car has been flashing a low oil light. Fine, I figured, I would go and get the oil changed before putting it into winter storage. Yesterday was Rob's birthday, and the family was gathering in his hospital room--including Delia, whose Uncle Phil drove her from Eau Claire for the occasion--and I missed some of it because I spent four and a half hours stuck at the oil change place. And I didn't get out without spending over $200 for an oil change, an air filter, new wiper blades...and a broken hood latch, which is what prevented them from getting the work done. And it still isn't really fixed. There's a wire that has to be pulled with a pair of pliers to open the hood.

That was just one of a series of petty frustrations and setbacks.

I have chilblains. I am washing my hands frequently, both to keep from getting sick, and because you have to wash before and after visiting the hospital unit (I wear a paper mask when I visit him, too--he has a white blood count that is practically zero). My hands are dry, cracked, red, swollen and painful. How do health workers deal with this, washing their hands forty times a day?

But some good things have happened, too. It was good to see family yesterday, and that they could see Rob on his birthday. I ran the girls home for a quick look at all the work that's being done in the house, and they were delighted and impressed with the progress. The futon is now delivered! And it fits perfectly in the space. I had a good visit with Rob today. We've been reading aloud to each other from Robert Gilbraith (J.K. Rowling's) The Silkworm and we're almost finished with it.
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We can't spend this VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY with her because Miss Delia is off on a mission trip with kids from her church in Colorado. But we'll celebrate when she gets back!

In the meantime, here are some pictures that we displayed during her graduation party, both of the adorable baby she was, and the beautiful young woman she has become. So proud of you, honey!


2meet Fioa

3first bed


Delia July 2013

Delia's High School graduation

May 18, 2014

254Senior pic harry potter

249Senior Pic golden
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Rob and Delia are off on a college tour, so it was just Fiona and me celebrating her reaching her milestone birthday. Twenty-one years old today! I took her to see Cyrano at the Park Square Theater and then to Highland Grill, where she ordered her first legal hard cider. (Legal here in the States, that is; she ordered over in England, too, where the drinking age is 18).

It's been a fabulous twenty-one years, hon! Love you so much.

Fiona on her 21st birthday - March 30, 2014

And here she is the day she was born )
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This last week was so exhausting that I spent my birthday in the way that suited me best: staying quietly at home, mostly reading. I did a few light clean up chores, enough to make me feel better about the downstairs and get some guilt off my back. I took a bath.

Went out to dinner with Rob, the girls and Mom. The girls were in a good mood, with much giddy laughter.

Tired. Very low key birthday. But it suited me.

It reached over 80 degrees today.

Four days ago, there was snow on the ground. This is rather confusing.
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2:45 a.m. at Minicon:

Me: Happy birthday, my love!
Fiona: Thank you, Mommy.
Me: Welcome to your twenties.
Fiona: Thanks. So far, they've been okay.
Me: I thought your teen years went rather well.
Fiona: At least I didn't turn into a raging bitch.

Yep. Adorable as ever.
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We did something rather unusual yet fun to celebrate. I picked up Fiona from school, brought her home for dinner, and then we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art for their special visiting exhibit of the Terracotta warriors of the Qin Dynasty. A once in a lifetime opportunity, and exceedingly interesting. There were 120 objects from the tomb, including eight warriors and two terracotta horses. Since this was the Third Thursday event, the tickets to get in to see the exhibit, ordinarily $18 for adults and $9 for students, were free. Such a deal! The exhibit will be at the museum until January 20.

We all really enjoyed it, although after we saw the Terracotta warriors, Delia, my avaricious art lover, spent much of her time in the museum gift shop rather than wandering the rest of the museum.
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We've had a wonderful long weekend with my brother, Chet, visiting us in Minneapolis (Chet lives in New York). We've had a chance to help Mom go through Dad's belongings, as well as hearing Mom's concert on Saturday night with the Golden Valley Orchestra. Today we are marking what would have been Dad's 84th birthday. We are so grateful for the wonderful friends and family that continue to surround our family. (Left to right: Chet, Betsy, Mom, me, Cindy).

Mom's concert November 10, 2012
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Today is Delia's Sweet Sixteenth birthday! We went out for breakfast this morning, and we have plans for this afternoon, and tonight, we'll be joining Nana and Granddaddy for dinner.

Happy birthday to my beautiful, talented, creative, mercurial daughter.
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And now 250 people in Mitslam Village in the Tigray region of Ethiopia have clean water in their own community to drink from a shallow bore hole well. They no longer have to walk two hours to fetch dirty water that makes them sick. This well was made possible through the work of Charity:Water and their local field partner A Glimmer of Hope, and the funds were raised, in part, by the campaign I started to celebrate my 50th birthday two years ago. Read more about the well here (the report includes a GPS coordinate link which will show you the exact location of the well). One picture is below, and more pictures can be seen at the report linked to above.

Shallow bore hole well: Mitslam Village, Tigray region, Ethiopia
Shallow bore hole well: Mitslam Village, Tigray region, Ethiopia
This is the well created in part by the Charity:Water campaign
I started for my 50th birthday

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped contribute, both to honor me and to decrease worldsuck! I am so extremely proud of this legacy, which will make a critical difference for the better in real people's lives for YEARS to come.
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I consider myself as having won the lottery 19 years ago today when Fiona was born. The genetic lottery, that is. Happy birthday, sweetie!

(Fond happy birthday wishes also to her Aunt Betsy, who was there when Fiona was born!)
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Happy birthday to my lovely artist girl [ profile] ooh_pretty_mine. Whether it's creating a Snape teapot cosy, a beautiful dress, amigurumi, a knitted purse or pining after an electric guitar, you must always be doing something. Life with you is never boring!
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go to [ profile] aome who mailed me scones and a birthday present, to [ profile] cakmpls who arranged to deliver a Chinese takeout dinner, and to [ profile] fgherman, who personally delivered a bar of the darkest, deepest chocolate. Thank you for helping save a really terrible day. You know me so well, and I am truly grateful for your support. And everyone else, thank you for your good wishes, prayers and advice for my beleagered family.

My friends list/reading list is the best.

Delia has an appointment today to get tested for mono. Fiona is in bed, clobbered by benedryl and steroids and sleeping it off.
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It's a very special day today in our household. Today, Fiona is EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD! She shares this birthday with my sister, who was there when Fiona was born.

It's instructive to take a look at this post, in which I asked people what they thought we should take care to teach Fiona before she was eighteen and ready to leave home. Uh, I don't think we've covered everything yet.

Feel free to drop a comment to wish Fiona happy birthday, and because I'm a shameless proud mama, tell me: what do you remember about her or what have you learned to like or admire or even love about her from (perhaps years! of) reading my journal? Even if you've never met her IRL?
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and the poor guy is sick in bed with the miserable cold thingy that has run through the entire family.

Do me a favor, friends list. Leave a comment to wish him happy birthday. Please: tell him a joke, remind him of a funny story from some time you saw him at a convention, remind him of a mutual memory that is a total lie, give him a job lead, tell him why (from the stories you've read in my journal over the years) you think he's an outstanding parent and an all around great guy. Please brighten my husband's day, because he really needs it. I'd really appreciate it. Lurkers, this means you, too. Thanks.


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