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Rob and Delia are off on a college tour, so it was just Fiona and me celebrating her reaching her milestone birthday. Twenty-one years old today! I took her to see Cyrano at the Park Square Theater and then to Highland Grill, where she ordered her first legal hard cider. (Legal here in the States, that is; she ordered over in England, too, where the drinking age is 18).

It's been a fabulous twenty-one years, hon! Love you so much.

Fiona on her 21st birthday - March 30, 2014

And here she is the day she was born )
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Forgot to post these: a couple of family pictures from after the matinee performance on Sunday.

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Going out for cupcakes after A Midsummer Night's Dream with our adorable girls.

Adorable daughters 3/17/2013
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From The Next Web here:
In 9 days time [May 15], people all over the world will be coming together with one single aim – to photograph their lives – as part of the global project.

As part of an initiative founded by Swedish non-profit, Expressions of Humankind, May 15th has been designated as the day everyone the world over is being asked to pick up their camera and take a photo of what is close to them, and what matters most to them, as part of the event.

Explaining the purpose behind the event, the organizers write, "Our mission is to use the power of photography to create, share and inspire perspectives on daily life – today and tomorrow."

So how does it all work? Join the site, and on May 15 you will be able to upload the image that you’ve shot, and add information on who is in the picture, and the story behind it. You have until May 22 to upload your images.

All images submitted to the site will be displayed online, while some will be selected for publication in a book, A Day in the World, and others still will appear in digital and print exhibitions.

If you need a little bit of inspiration of your own on what to shoot, some guidelines have been provided. The three main categories, Home, Work and Connections, are further divided into sub-categories, and pretty much cover any topic that could possibly come to mind. If you’re stumped about what you want to shoot, the page is definitely well worth checking out.

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We gathered at my sister Cindy's house this past Saturday for the annual cookie baking fun:

Cookie Baking December 17, 2011
Cookie Baking December 17, 2011

More pictures under the cut )

These are only some of the treats we made.

Some, but not all, of the cookie crew.

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Fiona has passed her black belt test, second degree! She now will wear a red uniform with yellow piping.

July 31, 2010 Black belt test for Fiona - Second degree
July 31, 2010 Black belt test for Fiona - Second degree

Kicking section ) (Fiona is the taller of the two girls in this line, farther from the camera)

Form )

Self Defense )

Jump Scissor Kicks )

Paper Kicks )

Pad kicks )

Sparring )

More pictures afterwards )
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Here's a freeze frame shot I grabbed from the video I did of Fiona doing her form last month.

Talk to the Foot!

I'll send it to her. Maybe she'd like to make an icon from it or something.
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Fiona and Delia with their friend Neysa between them.

Fiesta 2010

MyCharityWater Campaign Report:

22 people served
13 donations
79 days left

(The total hasn't budged for several days. Would anyone be willing to give up their lattes for a week ($20), to give one person clean drinking water for twenty years?)
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Fiona and Delia - Episcopal Youth Music Camp 2009

Two beautiful girls (who did not deserve to get their bikes stolen, grrr).
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A very nice picture of Fiona (lying down on the blanket) and me at the May Day picnic, taken by [ profile] barondave.

Good heavens, that's quite a bit more cleavage than I ordinarily display.

(THAT will undoubtedly make everybody click the link)

See the rest of [ profile] barondave's great May Day pictures here and here. I'm glad to see the pictures, although they make me even more keenly sorry I missed the parade. I particularly get a kick out of the dungbeetles.


Oct. 14th, 2008 12:35 pm
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Some pictures of the girls and me at a gathering of friends this weekend.

Me )

Fiona and me )

With Delia, who wasn't sure she wanted to have her picture taken )

Thanks to [ profile] barondave for the pictures and [ profile] minnehaha B & K for the lovely gathering. And yes, I did go back and get the boots!

Photo meme

Sep. 18th, 2008 06:32 am
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Gacked from [ profile] coffeeem and [ profile] kijjohnson:

Take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.

(actually, I sort of cheated a little. Because when I saw the instructions, I was buck-naked. Took the picture, too. But in the end, I, uh, wasn't quite that brave.)

No, you can't see that picture. It's deleted.
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The girls are having a great time at camp. The camp has been posting pictures, and here are a few of the girls:

I love this picture. I'll probably use it in some way on her soulcollage card:

Delia practices her cello at EYMC
Delia practices her cello at EYMC
August 11, 2008

More pictures of the girls enjoying themselves at camp )
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Wednesday )

This concludes this "Week in the Life of [ profile] pegkerr" meme. This project has been a lot of fun (although by the end of the week, the girls were starting to strongly object every time I raised the camera). I've greatly enjoyed experimenting with off-kilter photography, and trying to find beauty in everyday objects, by seeing them from a new angle. I may continue with one shot a day for awhile (smaller size, so I don't have to put them behind a cut.)
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I'm quite happy with how many of today's pictures turned out:

Tuesday )

I was so happy with this set of pictures that I posted more of them at my Flickr account. You can see more there of the Guthrie Window washers and the atrium glass art, which turned out really well.

I also re-did that photo I attempted yesterday, showing the corridor at work, and it turned out much better this time.
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Monday )

Still having fun experimenting with off-kilter perspective. The one picture I really liked, but then was disappointed with when I downloaded, was the corridor picture. I didn't realize the focus was so blurry. I may attempt to get this picture again, tomorrow, trying to figure out how to get the focus right.

Edited to add: Re-did the corridor picture the next day. It turned out much better. )


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