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This is the card I was dreaming off when I took pictures of Fiona when she was fifteen years old. I had a very vivid picture of the card in my mind, and it still isn't there quite yet, but it's a lot closer, what with all that I've been learning about software this week.

Fiona - Community Suit

Fiona - Community Card
I am the daughter always in motion, the spinner, the warrior, the dancer, the delight.

I remember when Fiona was four years old vividly. She was always spinning. I wrote, once, about a walk I took with the two girls around the block. Delia (barely two) lurched gravely along, diaper creaking, occasionally stopping to crouch to examine a bug, a stone, a leaf. And then she would be up and moving again, pacing herself as if she were taking a ten mile walk.

Fiona flittered in and around us, dancing around us, spinning joyfully, peppering us with exclamations and questions: "Isn't the sky blue! I can't wait until I can go swimming. I need a new bathing suit. Can we have spaghetti for dinner? How long until Daddy comes home?"

Later, the girls started karate, and that spinning girl always remained in the back of my head. This gets a little closer to what I had in mind.

As I said, the pictures were taken seven years ago. I imagine I will make cards of the girls through their lifetimes, as they discover new stages of themselves.

What do you think? Not quite what I'd envisioned (the spinning figures were meant to be more transparent/translucent) but I like it. At the very least, it is a relief to get out of my head and onto paper an image that has been knocking around in my head for years.
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I have many reasons to be grateful. One is that these two beautiful girls are home from college for the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving from our household to yours.

Fiona and Delia Thanksgiving November 26 2015
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Here is a picture of Delia that popped up on her Facebook page (posted here with her permission). My, she looks happy and elegant! I'm delighted to see her looking so well.

Delia with braid from Instagram 9/18/15
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It was bloody hot, and I was exhausted by the time we got home, but it was still a wonderful time, as always.

Here are a couple of pics of the way we looked when we started the day. I had a new chemise by the time we got home, as my old one was about fifteen years old and the elastic was completely out of shape. In the selfie, you get an idea of Fiona's new haircut.

Peg and Fiona Ren Fest 2014

Fiona pirate Insouciant Ren Fest 2014
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She slept in her new apartment last night and is back over here today, packing up a few more things. We have broken down the bed, because she is taking it with her.

(She has the cutest new haircut, a pixie hair cut which suits her gamine features beautifully. I asked to be allowed to post a picture, but she said, "Later, when I am not hot and sweaty and gross.")

She said that she and her roommates are well-stocked on kitchen things: "We have a popcorn popper. We have pots and pans. We have a slow cooker. We have a rice cooker. We have a waffle maker. We are real goddamn adults."

She has been going through her books, trying to decide what to take and what to cull. She took all her dearly beloved fantasy and fairytale books. I told her that we would be willing to store any she wants to keep that she doesn't want now but thinks she would want her own kids to read some day. I have given her my most treasured fairy tale book to take with her, Lona on the condition that she never ever sell it, that she keep it for her own child, or someone worthy, and that she hand it down to someone else only on the condition that they never sell it, but hand it to someone worthy. "Hand to God, I promise," she said. She knows how important it is. "And you also have visitation rights anytime you want to read it again."

This is really happening. My daughter is moving out.
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We can't spend this VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY with her because Miss Delia is off on a mission trip with kids from her church in Colorado. But we'll celebrate when she gets back!

In the meantime, here are some pictures that we displayed during her graduation party, both of the adorable baby she was, and the beautiful young woman she has become. So proud of you, honey!


2meet Fioa

3first bed


Delia July 2013

Delia's High School graduation

May 18, 2014

254Senior pic harry potter

249Senior Pic golden
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I like these pictures, which were taken at Infinitus in 2010. Rob found them poking around the HPEF Flickr website.

Fiona and Delia at Infinitus in Orlando, Florida, July 2010

Peg signs Alternity Posters - HPEF Infinitus July 2010

© 2010 HPEF, all rights reserved. Free for private, non-commercial, use only. Please credit Jenn Racek and HPEF if photos are printed, published or reposted in any form.
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A friend of mine, David LaRochelle, recently posted a picture of me on Facebook when I was Fiona's age (20).  Compare it to the picture taken of Fiona earlier today (still with the long hair). My hair at the time was about exactly the same length.

Fiona, of course, probably has better dress sense than I did at that age...although you do have to remember, it was the 1980s.

Peg at age 20
Fiona at age 20

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Fiona decided that since she's going abroad, she wanted a change. So she made a big one!

Fiona: Last afternoon with long hair

Before shot

The moment of truth


Looking good!

Her reaction: "I look about five years older. And I am no longer swishy, but sproingy."
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Forgot to post these: a couple of family pictures from after the matinee performance on Sunday.

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Going out for cupcakes after A Midsummer Night's Dream with our adorable girls.

Adorable daughters 3/17/2013
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It's been awhile since I posted one of these. It's a little blurry, but yes, I'm still wearing the dress every Friday. And I felt I look pretty good today.

Peg LBD 3/1/13
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Delia, in the hallway, showing off her newest acquisition: "I love my new jeans."

Me (jaw dropping) "Delia, those jeans really love you!"

Delia March 1, 2013
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Picked her up and we had dinner at Highland Grill, where we had a wonderful discussion about being nerds and Fiona gorged on Nutella French Toast.

Fiona! Nutella French Toast!
Fiona! Nutella French Toast!
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This was the outfit I wore to our office (belated) holiday party last week.

I felt I looked pretty damn fabulous, if I do say so myself. I've reached my goal weight. And I had found that lovely top at a consignment shop a mere hour previously.

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Delia bounced into the bathroom tonight, surveyed her outfit in the mirror, and popped her head out into the hallway and said in a tone of pleased surprise: "Mom! I'm smoking hot!"
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Fiona went to the Renaissance Faire today and bought a new chemise and skirt to go with her awesome leather bodice and hat.

She looks loverly.

August 25, 2012
August 25, 2012
August 25, 2012
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I had all sorts of good intentions about this weekend, mostly involving cleaning up the yard and the house. But the heat and humidity has sapped away all of my forward momentum, and I don't think I'm going to do any of it. I've really had difficulty the past couple days. We don't have central air, and Rob hasn't put the window air conditioner into our bedroom window yet. I'm having difficulty breathing, and I get dizzy standing up. I had real trouble standing up for the hymns in church today. There is a pollution/ozone warning in Minneapolis right now, so maybe that's it. It's truly inhuman in Fiona's room (my old office), the hottest room in the house. Rob and I have decided to get her a window air conditioner. Fiona's been having trouble sleeping, and her appetite has all but disappeared. Which is not good, as her appetite is small anyway.

I've had some wonderful talks with Fiona over the past couple of days. We went to a coffee shop to escape the heat for a couple house and talked, and then came home and talked some more. She really has grown up enormously in the past year and discovered a lot of things about herself. We've talked about all sorts of things: money, her plan of study at school, her hopes to take a semester abroad, ideas for majors, fanfiction, alcohol use among her peers, writing and anxiety, her friendships, our family dynamics, politics, personal ethics, self discovery, her memories of growing up, and our family traditions she wants to carry on to her own family some day, and more. I'm so very proud of her. She's quite worried about the future (starting with the immediate future, as in, OMG, will I find a job this summer??) I'm trying to be as sympathetic as I can without increasing her stress by pressuring her; that would be absolutely unhelpful. But she's suffering a lot of anxiety about student debt, and I can't blame her. God, it would terrify me, too. I wish I could do more to help; I wish we had saved more for college. But we really couldn't do any more than we did. I still feel damn guilty, though. I've been sending her links to some of the Occupy Student movement, which is doing a lot of political work on student debt. I've been checking in with her regarding how she's handling the transition home. She says that we've drawn a good balance on treating her more like an adult (some of her friends are actually jealous, as they've had rougher transitions going home for the summer); I've said she's made it easy because she really is a good kid about checking in, keeping up apprised of her plans. She's been suffering friend withdrawal.

Delia is doing pretty well at the moment. School's out for the summer, and she has a week before she starts her summer job. She went out garage saling with the new boyfriend of the moment yesterday, and then spent some time at the local lake beach. She had a new friend sleep over last night that she met at this local teenage program she's just got involved with, Treehouse. They cut and dyed her hair last night. The cut is a sort of artsy angled cut (a little ragged since her friend did it, but she's pleased with it). She chose not a wild color, as I would have assumed she would, but a sort of chestnut brown, quite like my hair color actually. I approve. I figure that Delia's essential inner restlessness will drive her to experiment with a lot of different identities, and as an experiment, hair dye is a pretty mild one! (There was one unfortunate incident: a streak of dye that landed on some wood paneling in the bathroom which they didn't spot it and clean it up quickly before it set. Oh well. It's been our house for twenty years, and of course there is going to be occasional collateral damage.)


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