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This is the card I was dreaming off when I took pictures of Fiona when she was fifteen years old. I had a very vivid picture of the card in my mind, and it still isn't there quite yet, but it's a lot closer, what with all that I've been learning about software this week.

Fiona - Community Suit

Fiona - Community Card
I am the daughter always in motion, the spinner, the warrior, the dancer, the delight.

I remember when Fiona was four years old vividly. She was always spinning. I wrote, once, about a walk I took with the two girls around the block. Delia (barely two) lurched gravely along, diaper creaking, occasionally stopping to crouch to examine a bug, a stone, a leaf. And then she would be up and moving again, pacing herself as if she were taking a ten mile walk.

Fiona flittered in and around us, dancing around us, spinning joyfully, peppering us with exclamations and questions: "Isn't the sky blue! I can't wait until I can go swimming. I need a new bathing suit. Can we have spaghetti for dinner? How long until Daddy comes home?"

Later, the girls started karate, and that spinning girl always remained in the back of my head. This gets a little closer to what I had in mind.

As I said, the pictures were taken seven years ago. I imagine I will make cards of the girls through their lifetimes, as they discover new stages of themselves.

What do you think? Not quite what I'd envisioned (the spinning figures were meant to be more transparent/translucent) but I like it. At the very least, it is a relief to get out of my head and onto paper an image that has been knocking around in my head for years.
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You may remember the soulcollage card I made to honor [ profile] minnehaha K's birthday. Well, now it's her husband [ profile] minnehaha B's birthday, and as he is also a very dear friend, it was time for another card. Photo credit and thanks to [ profile] dd_b and [ profile] barondave who took some of the pictures I used:

Minnehaha B - Community Suit
[ profile] minnehaha B - Community Suit
I am the One whose wisdom is sought by people throughout the world. I am a discerning and original thinker and astute crafter of words. I love music, travel, an excellent meal paired with delicious wine, and most of all, true friends to share them with.

(Here, by the way, is the story behind the inclusion of the penguin with the telephone).
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The Trio - Community Suit
The Trio - Community Suit
I am the One made of the joining of three true friends, Heart, Mind and Soul, different in talents yet united in determination to rid the world of evil.

The influence that the Harry Potter books has had on my life has been enormous. I will probably made another card for Harry himself, as well as other characters, and probably one for J.K. Rowing, but this one is about the interaction of the Trio, and the nature of their friendship, in that they balance each other out AND act as stand ins for the nature of the human soul.
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Today is the 50th birthday of [ profile] minnehaha K. We had a wonderful gathering at the W hotel in downtown Minneapolis, which is located at the old Foshay Tower. She invited about fifteen friends of hers, all women, to celebrate the occasion with incredible food at Manny's Steakhouse. In her honor, I've made a new soulcollage card for my deck, and I scanned it and gave a copy of it to her, too, for her birthday, so we'll both have one. By all accounts, she's quite pleased with it, and I'm extremely happy with how the card came out myself. In terms of composition, I think it turned out quite well.

<user name=minnehaha> K - Community Suit
[ profile] minnehaha K - Community Suit
I am the One who is rooted deeply in my own community and yet travels around the world. I love kids, the Falls, PEZ dispensers, shade gardening, food, wine, music and fellow fans. I listen and laugh and cook you a fabulous meal, served with delicious wine, and best of all, I will tell you the absolute truth.

(Click on the card twice to see it up close. Special thanks to [ profile] barondave, who provided some of the pictures I used in the card.)


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