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Someone tell me not to send this:

Dear Securian:

Here is the receipt you requested for the $4.06 I charged to my health savings account credit card. This was a payment made over the phone to _______ pharmacy, which was calling to explain that they had messed up my billing: something had been duplicated, so part was being reversed, and if I just paid $4.06, we would be square. I actually think it's kind of amazing, given everything that's been going on for me, that I thought to ask them to send me a receipt. Good thing they did, considering your warning that if I do not send you this documentation within 45 days, you will cancel my health savings card AND inform my employer. I find this threat oddly amusing, considering I have bigger problems. My husband is dead, just one of the twenty or so Explanation of Benefits statements I've recently received notes charges of $618,000 +, and they still haven't straightened out the billing mess. But anyway, here is your proof that I properly spent that $4.06 on something related to medical costs.

Choke on it.
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Rob passed away peacefully this morning at 9:15 a.m. in the presence of his family.

We will announce the details for his upcoming memorial service on his CaringBridge when we have them settled. Click here to read more.
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There had been a rapid deterioration over the past week. He's gone from the TCU to the hospital to the ICU in just a couple of days. Read more at CaringBridge post here. The next 24-48 hours will be critical.

I love him. He's fighting so hard. But he has been through so much.
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Another setback.

Read more at CaringBridge here.
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Rob isn't yet in remission so has received more chemo. New issue now, too. Read more at CaringBridge here.

Peg is still looking for someone local who can store Rob's car for the winter. Can anyone help? Her contact info is on the CaringBridge post.
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Rob has been back in the hospital again.

We had family pictures taken last week by the highly talented John Walsh. Good thing, too: Rob's hair started to fall out today from the Decitabine chemotherapy, and so he shaved it off today. Click here to see Rob's new look and to learn about the PET scan.
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Everything has changed. Again. See CaringBridge post here.
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Rob is going to be in the hospital for the next two months.

We are now going for bone marrow transplant.

Read more at our CaringBridge post here.
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Here's an account of the past two weeks, as well as a request for help: Rob has a series of appointments at the U of MN three times a week (M, W, F afternoons) and we're trying to schedule volunteers to drive him so Peg can return to work.

Read more at the CaringBridge post here.
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Everything has changed, and we are in all new territory. The clinical trial is off. Click here to find out why.

We are trying to be brave. It is difficult.
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Rob is not doing well. And we have had more bad news: cancer has now reached Rob's bone marrow.

Read more at CaringBridge here.
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We had a PET scan report today, and it wasn't good. Rob's remission lasted five months, about as long as the one he had two years ago did.

Read more at CaringBridge here.
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New CaringBridge post: Rob has had two more clean PET scans. Yay!

Unfortunately, we have had a new complication. As a direct effect of the treatment he has been undergoing, Rob has now developed diabetes. Read more at CaringBridge here.
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We finally caught up with Rob's oncologist who interpreted the PET scan from two weeks ago for us. Rob has put on a waiting list for a new clinical study. He may get called to go in for tests sometime in the next 2-8 weeks. He would be a good candidate, but he may be ineligible because of his participation in an earlier study. Read more at our CaringBridge post.
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It's all summed up in the first line of the report: "Mixed changes with however worsening of lymphoma."

Read the rest at the CaringBridge post here.
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PET scan: liver glow GONE. Spleen glow GONE. Central glow deep in the abdomen (this is the one that really worried the doctor last time) GONE. Neck glow GONE. Slight glimmer on back of head remains, but no bigger than last time. New slight glimmer at tip of stomach: may be simply inflammation. Blood work looks perfect.

Our doctor said, "This is an enormous response. Marked improvement. Everyone's happy. Take the weekend to celebrate."

So...yeah. Thanks to Mayo! Thanks to our doctor. Rob's not ENTIRELY in remission, but he's pretty damn close. Which is absolutely amazing!

(I sent the girls Snapchats all day about "Our Day at Mayo" and took screen shots of most of them).

Our Day at Mayo )
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Rob and I just came back from Rochester. We have a mixed report. New spots on his liver and spleen. Are they tumors or inflammation? We don't know. The one deep in his body is probably a tumor, as it's right at the site of the tumor that started it all, which had apparently been eliminated by radiation in early 2015. One glowy bit from the last PET scan is gone. The doctor has decided the best thing is just to stay the course for now.

Read the rest on our CaringBridge post here.

I am so goddamned tired of all the uncertainty.
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Week 24: Hamilton
I have been listening to it NON-STOP!

Week 24 Hamilton

I bought the entire soundtrack for $2.00 (LEGALLY) when it was on sale for that price on Google Music. The show has its hooks in me (as it does in so many other people I know). Fiona's a fan, too, and we love to exchange tidbits of knowledge we've gained about the show, the production, the actors. She is going to GO SEE IT in June and I am so very jealous.

Week 25: Hope
I'm seeing a glimmer of light on my journey.

Week 25 Hope

This image depicts a woman on a journey (remember Week 3, Embark, the last card on this post?) who sees a lighthouse shining from shore and starts to feel a little bit of hope. This was the week I learned I had been given a grant by the Dislocated Workers Program from the State of Minnesota. I am going to be receiving training in a lot of the concepts and programs I need to have to change careers from legal administrative assistant to marketing.

Week 26: Dance
This was the week of Excellent Cancer News.

Week 26 Dance

I picked this picture from The Tutu Project, one of the amazing photographs taken by Bob Carey in support of his wife Linda Carey, who has been battling breast cancer. Yeah, okay, we're not battling breast cancer here, but it's about the spouse of someone with cancer. It's trying to bring humor and happiness to something that's often very grim. It just seemed to fit this time.

Week 27: Training
I begin to learn new things.

Week 27 Training

Hubspot Academy Inbound Marketing. Landing pages. Adobe InDesign. A/B testing. Etc. Let's hope it will result in a new career direction.

Week 28: Caucus
I took Fiona, and we both did our civic duty.

Week 28 Caucus

Fiona and I were both agonizing as we walked through the door until I hit upon a simple solution: "I'll vote for Hillary. You vote for Bernie. We'd be happy to vote for either one in the general election." And that's what we did.

Week 29: Flu
Everthing is a painful, feverish blur.

Week 29 Flu

The flu hit both Rob and me HARD. Think gray mindlessness, with fever and aches lurking below.  I started on Wednesday of that week. After a week and a half, I ended up at the hospital, getting intravenous fluids. The flu shot didn't do a damn thing for me.

Week 30:  
Not today
Nothing will get accomplished today.

Week 30 Not Today

Yes, this is still a one word title. Well, a word combined with a graphic.

This card was created because I became impatient after four days of the flu. Surely I should be getting better by now? I kept fretfully listing off things to Rob that I should be doing. He lay in bed beside me, sick as I was, and replied "Not today." And when I tried to stagger out of bed and take three steps, I would fall back into bed and repeat after him, "Not today." The whole week was like that.
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We are back from a two day stay at Mayo. The latest PET scan and biopsy gave us good news, and we've learned some more about how truly fortunate Rob has been. You may read more at the CaringBridge link here.
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I fell asleep in the chair in the room where Rob was getting his infusion. Woke up hard after an hour with a series of cross and sleepy kitten noises, and Siri, on my iPod Touch, responded by telling me, "I'm sorry. I don't know what you're telling me."


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