Jul. 2nd, 2015 06:00 pm
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I like my new ring, and the manicure that Delia gave me to show it off.


Jul. 25th, 2013 10:31 pm
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I spent an absurd amount of time scrolling through this site: A Tiara A Day. I have no idea why. But it was fun.


Jun. 3rd, 2012 10:32 pm
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Another quick picture post: I received my Fleurings in the mail (finally!) right before I left for the reunion. Here's a picture of me, dressed for the 30th reunion dinner (ignore the ugly background). I'm wearing my Emerald House Rising coat under the little black dress.

Peg, 30th reunion

Fleurings - earring

Fleurings - necklace

My new Fleurings were SO MUCH FUN to wear. Besides the utter coolness of them, and how well I thought they looked on me, what made them so much fun was the response I received from people. I had, no lie, at least twenty people stop me to gush over them over the course of the weekend. Complete strangers sitting behind me tapping me on the shoulder, or walking by, and their head swivels to take a second look. They made people laugh, and they made people gasp, and they made them strike up a conversation. I mean really, ladies, when was the last time you wore a piece of jewelry that made a a fifty year old guy stop dead in his tracks, and say something like, "I LOVE your earrings. Take a look at this lady's earrings, aren't they amazing?" I spent about an hour and a half browsing through stores in Northfield, and no less than five sales clerks asked me about them. They made me feel fun and funky and artistic and innovative, not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Which is a great confidence booster when you're going back for your 30th college reunion.

I did discover they need to be refilled with water every two to three hours, because by gum, they do work as vases. The flowers suck the water right up. Every drop of it, so you need to replenish the supply.

A total raging success.
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both the necklace and the earrings in polished silver finish from the Fleurings website.

Rob has scoffed, but I've pined for them for close to a year and am buying them with birthday money. Tip: enter the code FLEURINGSTWEET for 15% off.
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Expensive and self-indulgent, yeah, but OH, so versatile and pretty:

Click on the link to see a video:

How to Use Fleurings flower jewelry from Samantha Lockwood on Vimeo.

Seen on today's Daily Grommet.
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I stepped away from my desk for a moment and when I came back, something caught my eye on the floor right below my chair.

I picked it up. It was a Lothlórien leaf, like the one in the icon. Specifically, it was one of my Lothlórien leaf earrings--without its hook. I would have been devastated if I had lost it.

The crazy thing is, I didn't even put that pair of earrings on this morning. I'm wearing an entirely different set of earrings; I haven't worn the Lothlórien leaf earrings in several weeks.

What the heck happened? The only think I can think of is that when I went to get this morning's pair of earrrings out of my jewelry box, perhaps the hook from the leaf earrings somehow snagged on my sweater or something? I've checked my clothing, but no hook. Since I opened my jewelry box, I've walked through the house, gotten into a car and driven to work and walked through my entire office building to get to my desk. Somehow, however that earring got attached to me and then fell, it fell in a place where I spotted it right away--when I didn't even know it was missing.

I mean, what are the odds?

(And I love it that I know Lord of the Rings so well that I can pull up a quote from memory that's the perfect title to this journal post.)
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The girls and I went to the Powderhorn Art Fair today. It was warm and bright, and I was in just the right mood to wander through by all the booths, soaking up the artistic ambiance. Fiona bought a new cloth purse to replace the one she lost when she was mugged. I got a henna design put on my hand. (Doesn't last as long as a tattoo, but cheaper and no needles involved.) We had delicious food sold by the food vendors: chicken gyros, lemonade, and a whole mango, peeled in quick ruthless strokes, sliced open like a flower, and jammed on a stick. I had hoped that this jeweler would be there again this year, so that I could get earrings to match the heart necklace in my icon. But alas, they didn't show up. Instead, my favorite artist this year was this one, who made the most amazing beaded necklaces. The very loveliest ones aren't even on her website. They looked like naturalistic displays of twigs, flowers, fruit. Stunning. There was a delicate spring-themed necklace of flowers, and another of autumn tones. I desperately wanted to commission a necklace from her, The Holy Tree.

Alas, her prices were out of my league. Oh, well. I shrugged and walked away from her booth. It would have been nice, and I would have enjoyed wearing such a piece. But I do have enough jewelry, really. It's nice to have more pretties, of course, but I don't need them. Or perhaps, with Delia's help, I might be able to make such a necklace as I have in mind myself.

I was thinking along those lines when I was driving to work earlier this week, when I was listening to that song I mentioned earlier, "Breathe," and a line jumped out at me: Let the life that you live be all that you need. Well, I do need a car. It's probably dangerous to drive the one I have as it has no airbags (Fiona needs to learn to drive and I won't let her learn in a car without them). I'd like to travel, but that might come (I hope) when I retire. Rob's not inclined/interested in international travel the way am, and if necessary, I'll go on my own, dammit.

But other than that, I'm really largely satisfied with my life. I have been feeling so much better since I started taking the fish oil capsules. Several months, now. Yes, I still do have a bad day now and again. But on the whole right now, I'm experiencing what it's like to live without depression. Wow. I'm starting to track my calories again, and I'm going down again in weight. I feel pretty good. My knee isn't really giving me trouble in karate. I hope to get my black belt within the year.

I have two beautiful daughters who have their ups and downs. But I am very proud of both of them and love them very much. My husband needs a job, and our marriage has its ups and downs, too. I wish he wasn't such a packrat. But I've worked hard at my marriage, and right now I feel that the hard work is being rewarded.

Life feels pretty good right now.
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I saw [ profile] mrissa wearing this necklace at Minicon. I liked it so much, I asked where she got it, and she kindly obliged. So I picked it up for myself this afternoon.

Happy birthday to [ profile] morganmalfoy and [ profile] _lindsay_!

There has been a jump in donations. Thank you, I'm very grateful! We still have quite a ways to go, though.

MyCharityWater Campaign Report:

38 people served
22 donations
74 days left
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[ profile] elisem said she had something to give me that just seemed made for me. here it is )

I think she's right and it's going to be living on my right hand for awhile.
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I may have to make one of these . . .

Jane Austen bracelet Jane Austen bracelet

Instructions are here
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[ profile] porphyrin and I have been talking for a long time about getting together for tea at Cafe Latte. We have had to reschedule our jaunt several times (not surprising, considering our wild schedules), but the delay made getting together all the more fun. She had never been to Cafe Latte before or, obviously, had their cream tea, so I felt quite smug about introducing her to a place and a treat that the girls and I love so much.

After a long talk, during which we ravaged the scone, the cake, the tea, and all the cucumber sandwiches, we went over to the Bead Monkey to browse. We were seized by inspiration, and [ profile] porphyrin kindly gifted me with the beads for me to make a necklace, and helped me put it together, since I have never done such a thing before. I chose the beads and designed the necklace myself.

Click here to see pictures )

Not bad for a first effort, no? *Preens*

[ profile] porphyrin, you rock. Thanks so much for the gift, and the kind words of encouragement. Cream tea with you anytime. And yeah, the girls and I will love to come over sometime and play more with beads.
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I just got the Noble Collection catalogue, since I had made them happy by ordering two Elven Leaf Brooches (one for me, one for [ profile] kijjohnson).

This is a new item they had this month:

Close up:

Hmm. . . if anyone's looking for a Christmas gift idea for me . . . (dum, dee dum dum)

Peg, going off to count her pennies . . .
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I love my new Elven leaf brooch, but my charm necklace is the most personal piece of jewelry that I own. Kij sent me a couple new charms to add this week. It occurs to me that I might describe the necklace for you. Eventually, I might take a picture, scan it and post it so you can see it. [ profile] elisem helped me design it.

The necklace is fashioned from three ribbons (black, metallic gold, and silver/gold) strung with silver and brass beads and braided together. Little silver and brass whatchamacallits with Celtic knots (can't remember the jeweler's term for them) are strung on the ribbons between the beads, and it is from these that the charms hang. There are also spacer beads with Celtic caps at regular intervals.

Anyway, the charms:

a bunny

a silver seagull and silver loon--I bought these on two separate summers when we went to Gull Lake, Minnesota for vacation

a charm that [ profile] elisem designed for The Wild Swans. It consists of a white rose carved from bone; below it hangs a claddagh charm, and eleven sterling silver feathers

a clear glass bead with delicate cobalt blue veins shot through it, mounted on another cobalt blue bead. The delicate blue lines make me think of writing, and it is a bead to honor my writing group

a pewter cartouche of my name in Egyptian hieroglyphics, which my mother-in-law brought me from Egypt

a gold charm that my parents gave me in honor of my first book Emerald House Rising. It is a gold house with a real emerald set in the door

two rings, one of hematite and one of thin 10k gold. These were my nursing rings, one for each of my girls--I would switch them from hand to hand to remind me of which "side" I had nursed last. Linked with these two rings is a little glass heart--which matches the glass hearts on my two daughters' charm necklaces that I have started for each of them

a little glass bottle of champagne stuck in a pewter "ice bucket" with glass ice cubes. Very lifelike. I got it at a doll house store and had a hole drilled in it and a jump ring added. Kij has one exactly like it on her charm necklace. We got them to commemorate our custom of having "tiddley pum nights" when we get together, splitting a magnum of champagne to toast our recent fiction sales

a gold stone bead. This was the first charm I used to start the necklace. Again, Kij has one exactly like it on her necklace. She had a charm necklace, and I wanted to get something to add to it, so I bought her the bead and she bought me this one so I could start my own.

a bear fetish made of petrified wood (millions of years old). I got it when Rob and I went to Arizona last year for our fifteenth anniversary. I had heard that the bear could be a symbol of power especially in the middle years of life.

my great grandfather's watch fob, a gold pendant showing two dragons back to back. His initials are on it (CAK for Charles Allen Kerr). This is the pendant which hangs at the bottom

two charms hung together. One was a clear stone (called an "Apache tear") that I glued to end cap and jump ring at the arts and craft room at the YMCA camp where I vacationed with my family at the age of ten. With it hangs a tiny leather circle with a Colorado columbine painted on it that I made in the arts and craft room at another YMCA camp I made when I went back to Colorado with my own family, thirty years later

a little fish charm I bought on the streets of Chinatown in New York when I went there for dim sum with my brother, years ago

a gold sailing medal my grandfather won at the Evanston yacht club. It is engraved with his name, Charles L. Floyd, and the year, 1954.

a pair of earrings glued back to back. They show a silver circle with a little mother-of-pearl blob near the top. I was told that I had miscarried in 1992, and I bought the earrings to make the charm as a memento for my lost baby. But I found out twelve days later that the doctors had been wrong--I was actually still pregnant. That "lost baby" turned out to be Fiona. Now I wear it in thanksgiving.

another pair of earrings, glued back to back, a pewter star with mother-of-pearl inlays. Rob bought them for me one time when we went to Valleyfair because we had been having a tough time, and we decided to treat ourself to a fun day. The star is a reference to my wedding proposal. On our first date, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant, and my fortune cookie said "You are the star of his existence." V. peculiar fortune. Two years later to the day, he took me back to the same restaurant, and when I opened my fortune cookie, it said, "You are the star of my existence. Will you marry me?"

a silver Celtic knot work ball, originally an earring. Kij has the other. We bought them when we went to the Renaissance Festival together

a jade leaf, in honor of my interest in environmental issues

a sterling silver mug that says "coffee"

a silver pillow bead--Kij has one like it

a cobalt blue and turquoise-colored bead, with the symbol for two women hanging from it. (Kij has one like it. The accents on her charm necklace are largely turquoise, and mine are cobalt blue)

a pewter street car, bought one summer afternoon when I went with my family to ride the Lake Harriet street car

a tiny brass owl, named Pigwigeon, in honor of my enjoyment of the Harry Potter books.

a clear crystal, which I bought when I went to Banff, Canada

The charms Kij sent me most recently are a coffee cup and a telephone, both sterling silver (we talk on the phone once a week on Sundays). I like to add charms, but not indiscriminately. I like it when people I love take the time to find something perfect to add. The necklace, as you can imagine, has gotten large and a bit heavy. It invariably draws impressed comments from people.

[Um . . . nearly went back and deleted this entire entry. Sudden intense worry that I have lost all perspective and am boring people. If so, sorry. Ate poorly tonight, prob. hypoglycemic, brain not working properly. Suppose I shouldn't worry--those too bored will have stopped reading by now, anyway. And will have missed this confused apology, too, come to think of it.]

Peg, mildly wibbling
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Hmm. I just discovered The Noble Collection on line. I am eyeing the Elven Leaf Brooch covetously.

(For those who don't know, this brooch is a replica of the ones worn by the characters in the Lord of the Rings movie and yes, it figures in the plot.]

Yes, my husband needs to find a job. But on the other hand, both my parents and my in-laws sent me birthday checks, which would more than cover the cost. So . . . should I or shouldn't I? I'm taking a poll.

(But I have a hunch I'm going to decide yes. Tell me to go for it.)


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