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Today, I threw away the turkey dinner in the freezer.

We got our Thanksgiving dinner for four years from Open Arms of Minnesota, a service which offers free food to families dealing with life-threatening illness. They offer their clients a full Thanksgiving dinner each year. You can choose whether to have it delivered fully cooked or frozen so you can cook it yourself.

Rob's family, knowing he was gravely ill, had flown in from all over the country to see him. Our plan was to spend Thanksgiving dinner at his brother's and to cook the dinner Open Arms had given to us sometime later, just for Rob, me and the girls. A nice celebratory dinner for just the four of us.

But on Thanksgiving Day, Rob woke up that morning with a fever of 103. I called his brother's, hoping that at least my girls could go over there while we were in the emergency room, so they could see their grandma who had flown in from California. Nope. One out of town relative who'd flown in had a terrible cold, and we couldn't risk the girls being exposed to something they could give their daddy.

So I arranged for the girls to go spend Thanksgiving at my sister's celebration instead, and then took Rob to the Emergency Room. We spent the entire sad day in the ER, getting hungrier and hungrier (all the restaurants around the hospital were closed by the holiday), tormented by the pictures of the family gatherings and feasts that our families texted to us.

Rob was admitted to the hospital hours later. His mom and brother delivered Thanksgiving leftovers to him later that evening.

He never went home again.

That frozen turkey and pumpkin pie and all the rest of the fixings have sat in my freezer ever since. At first, when we hoped he would be home soon, we thought, "We can cook it for Christmas." When he died in January, I thought, well, I'd get around to cooking it eventually. It'll keep okay in the freezer. Even though my girls were gone, Fiona to a new apartment, and Delia back to college. Fiona said she'd take it and cook it for her roommates, but every time I asked her about it, she put me off. Too busy. About to move.

Finally, I took everything out of the freezer tonight and threw it out, because I just couldn't bear to look at it any longer. And I cried my eyes out for about a half hour. All that kindness, all that hope, all that celebration, all that tradition. Gone into the garbage, leaving just me, alone and with a broken heart behind.
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Week 13: Networking
Over coffee, we meet to build connections (and maybe help me find a job).

Week 13 Networking

I had six networking meetings that week, all in coffeeshops, I think. The background of the card is latte art. I cribbed the rest from business cards exchanged that week. The LinkedIn Profile QR code is mine. I have been uncertain about what business title I'm applying for, so I had cards made up in two styles, one saying "Marketing Specialist" and one saying "Wordsmith." The stylized typewriter in the upper right of the card is the graphic I created for my card. The other logos are the business logos of some of the people I met during the week.

Week 14: Thanksgiving
We gather together to give thanks and to enjoy good food and each other's company.

Week 14 Thanksgiving

The pictures on this card were cannibalized from an old Pillsbury Thanksgiving cookbook I had been keeping around. On Thanksgiving day, we went to family gatherings at both Rob's brother Lance's house and my sister Betsy's house. And then, since we had been given the ingredients for a Thanksgiving dinner by Open Arms of Minnesota, we cooked our own turkey and had yet another Thanksgiving feast on Saturday night, just Rob and me and the girls. That meant we had leftover turkey for the first time in years.

The Thanksgiving card finished the Autumn cycle (the first card I made, Smithereens, was the last card for summer. I have now picked out the paper for the backs of the cards. Here is Summer:


And here is Autumn:


The paper for Winter and Spring are the same pattern, except that Winter is white with gold accents and Spring is green with gold accents.
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I have many reasons to be grateful. One is that these two beautiful girls are home from college for the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving from our household to yours.

Fiona and Delia Thanksgiving November 26 2015
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We had a pleasant holiday with both sides of the family. We ate dinner at Rob's brother's house (several relatives were there from out of town) and then went over to spend several more hours at my sister's house. We caught up with Fiona by Skype. Poor Rob had to go to work at 11:00 p.m. and work until 9:00 a.m. the next day.

I didn't do any Black Friday shopping. I've been troubled with a cold for a week and just didn't feel up to it, although I did go out today because it's supposed to snow and Delia needed snow boots. I went to the Mall of America, which just about killed me, but at least we got the boots.

We had a bat in our bedroom last night. I was quite indignant about this purely as it's December and we're not supposed to be troubled with them if it's not August. Rob got it out of the house.

Delia has been accepted by Coe College in Iowa. We're still waiting to hear back about several others.
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It's a good one for us this year, although we're sad about missing my Dad, of course. But we are REALLY thankful that Rob has been employed for a FULL YEAR! Depression is in remission, and we are digging our way out of debt. Both girls are doing great in school. I'm grateful for the results of the last election. I think our life is going as well as it ever has for, oh, the last decade or so. And we are thankful for our family and circle of friends, and that includes you, dear friends on DW and LJ.

We're going over to my sister's Cindy's for Thanksgiving, although we will probably drop over at Rob's brother Lance's house, too. I wish you all safe travels and tasty dinners. May all your football teams win, may you win all your turkey trot races, and I hope that no dishes get dropped and broken and no family fights break out over the pumpkin pie.
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I worked yesterday and then had to drive to one of the dojos to take pictures of a belt exam. Had dinner out afterwards. When I got home, I had the wonderful discovery that the girls spent yesterday cleaning up the downstairs (with the additional help of my sister and my mom) and got the Christmas decorations out. Lordy, what a relief and a pleasure to come home to find a house that doesn't make me cringe when I walk inside.

The cough is still present, and I had some difficulties with coughing jags, but they are coming a little less frequently at least.

I hope everyone has a marvelous thanksgiving. I am particularly thankful that we've made it this far on one job and for a loving and supportive family.
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Which means it's time for President Bartlet to call the Butterball Hotline.

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TweetsGiving is a global celebration that aims to change the world through the power of gratitude. Follow these simple steps to bring your grateful heart to the party:

1. Share your Gratitude: Share whatever you're thankful for on Twitter, your blog, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, or Include the #tweetsgiving tag and a link to TweetsGiving so we can share your grateful heart with the world!

I do have a great deal to be thankful for this year. It's been a hard year in many ways, but I've been reminded time and time again that my family is supported by caring people, both our personal friends and family, and people like you, many of whom I've never even met, but who still care and reach out to us. I have a wonderful, loving husband, and two beautiful, smart, kind, creative, strong and funny girls who are growing more wonderful every day. The girls are doing well in school, and we're beginning the college search process for Fiona. I'm going back to karate! We're still managing to pay all of our bills on time, even after a year and a half of unemployment (with scrimping and saving and gifts and the food shelf and kind people like our orthodontist who allowed us to cut our monthly payment, etc.) Friends continue to send us job leads. My car still actually runs, which I'm pretty much convinced must be a miracle. And I've discovered the Decrease Worldsuck project this year, which has added so much joy to my life. And I'm having a blast with Alternity.

2. Give: Contribute in honor of whatever you're thankful for. Epic Change says: each $10 donation brings us 1 brick closer to a classroom, orphanage/ dormitory, library and cafeteria at the #twitterkids' school in Arusha, Tanzania, or helps us fund a future Epic Change project. I say, if you have another charity you'd like to contribute to instead, go for it.

3. Spread the love. Most importantly, repeat step #1 as often as possible until noon EST on Thursday, November 26th, 2009. Then:

4. Follow the Story on Facebook, Twitter, or by subscribing to a feed: [syndicated profile] epicchange_feed/[ profile] epicchange. (Note: If you follow @1800Flowers on Twitter, they'll donate $1 per new follower to Epic Change.

What I did today to make the world a better place )
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I am truly thankful on this Thanksgiving Day for my friends and family, especially for those who have been rallying around me during a dark time. I am thankful for a warm house (even though it has mice), and a job with a decent salary (even if I really do want a different one) and for all the other blessings available to me every day that I take for granted: a computer, clean water, transportation, the right to vote, the ability to read, the ability to use all my limbs, and more. For those of you who have family and friends to spend this day with, travel safely, eat safely, and I hope you end up with just enough leftovers. For those of you who are alone, I hope you find a way to celebrate this day in a way that suits you best.

We will be going to my sister's for dinner today, and I will be bringing the artichoke dip.
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This idea came in on my Dollar Stretcher Tips e-mail newsletter today. I rather like this idea, and perhaps will try this with my family this November:
Every year starting on November 1, my family makes a Thanksgiving tree. I either twist some old brown paper bags or cut out the shape of a trunk from brown paper. Then the children and I cut leaf shapes out of construction paper. Every day until Thanksgiving, each member of the family writes down one thing for which they are thankful. The trick is no one can write something that has already been written. We hang the leaves on the wall along with the trunk to make our tree. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, we are all very aware
of how blessed we are and we have a beautiful, colorful centerpiece for our home.

J. H. in Virginia

(To subscribe to the Dollar Stretcher tips newsletter, go here.
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The nieces and nephews, including Fiona, are playing out in the back yard around the swimming pool. [ profile] cowgirlbev has taken Delia to the stable to ride her horse Rosie. Some are in the family room, watching the football game, or in the kitchen, going through the various steps necessary to rustle up today's feast (I'll be out there shortly to work on the artichoke dip).

Reasons to give thanks )

Happy Thanksgiving, all!
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Wishing all my friends in the states safe travel, a wonderful time with friends and family, and the long end of the wishbone.



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