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From our home (with a very low table) to yours.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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Happy Valentine's Day! We had our traditional Valentine's day breakfast with heart-shaped plates and cards and heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate (dark chocolate, yay!) Rob got a slew of romance movies on sale this week, so we'll probably skip karate tonight and watch one of those tonight.

And as for my latest acquisition from Victoria's Secret under my clothes . . . I feel like Jennifer Garner in Thirteen Going on Thirty asking, "Can I ask you a question? Can you tell that I'm wearing underwear? Because I totally am!" *smirk*

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There seems to be an absolute storm of entries regarding Valentine's Day on my friends list, ranging from a lot (a lot) of people who absolutely despise it and want to lob a nuclear bomb at anyone who wants to wish them love or happiness on this day or dares to offer them chocolate, to those who have have turned their journals pink today and are sprinkling hearts and confetti everywhere. (Except [ profile] heidi8, of course, who turned her journal pink five years ago, and never turned it back). Geez, lighten up everybody, all right?

Anyway, I had a good time with Valentine's Day with my family: cards, candy, special breakfast table set with heart-shaped plates. Try not to have apoplexy over this humble fact. At any rate, I want to draw attention to [ profile] misia's excellent and practical suggestion that really, if you want to honor St. Valentine's day, you can do it by making a donation to Scarleteen, a sex education site for teenagers and young adults, which aside from all its other strengths is GLBT inclusive. See [ profile] misia's post about it here.

And folks, let's tone down the froth-flecked railing against Valentines and chocolate and those who enjoy them (or dare to wish that you enjoy them, too) a teensy bit, okay? (Well, what I mean is, you can rage against St. Valentine's Day in your own journals if you like--as I always tell [ profile] kijjohnson, "You can make different decisions than I do"--but not in my journal, if you please.) I mean, c'mon . . . it may not be your cup of tea, but no one is trying to shove bamboo slivers under your finger nails, right?


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