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Read the details at our CaringBridge post here.

Peg's to do list for the next several weeks before (and possibly after) Rob is out of the hospital:

•Finalize the kitchen repairs bid and pick paint colors
•Call Open Arms of Minnesota to notify them I need to cut my delivery in half since Rob is hospitalized.
•Get Rob checked into the hospital.
•Go to work. Pay ALL the bills. Including the ones that Rob usually pays.
•Move stuff wherever possible so that the kitchen repairs can be completed. (Into the den? From one end of the kitchen to the other? Um...)
•Contact the carpet installer and have him put the new carpet into the den.
•Pay the contractors when jobs are done. Update the spreadsheet and keep track of the receipts.
•Set date and send out invitations for Garage Tetris work party.
•Reorganize the boxes in the garage so more can be added (work party).
•Take the bookcase out of the garage and use some the contractor's paint to paint it. When it's dry, it'll go into the dining room.
•Delegate some people to take certain objects out of the garage to possible new homes. Top of barbecue to scrap metal dealer. Old bicycle to nephews for parts? See if anyone can take the task to see if the ebay store in Edina would accept Rob's law library books to try to sell on eBay.
•Take boxes in Fiona's old bed room and move some to garage, and the rest to the den.
•Visit Rob in the hospital (ongoing).
•Buy a love seat for the den (We've picked one at Ikea. And no, I am not going to drive to pick it up or assemble it myself. I will PAY to have someone do that).Edited to add: shout out of thanks to my neighbor who has volunteered to pick up and assemble this once we purchase it.
•Buy a single sleeper futon for Fiona's old bed room/eventually my office (several relatives have volunteered to come from out of town for caregiving, and we have no guest room). Fiona asked me to have her come along since she had plenty of painful experience with Bad Futons and can hopefully help me avoid them.
•Finish research and buy an air purifier.
•Buy a medical alert bracelet for Rob.
•Contact my nephews and arrange time to put furniture back in the den.
•Put up the floor-to-ceiling bookcase in the den and replace all the books.
•Put up new cases for media
•Do my best to set up Rob's electronics in the den
•Move the large screen TV into the den, which is where it has belonged all along.
•Contact someone to do duct cleaning
•Steam clean the carpets upstairs
•Dust everything everywhere
•Put the garden to bed
•Figure out where family thanksgiving will be held (not my house, obviously).
•Figure out whether Rob can attend (probably won't know until that week).
•Figure out how to get Delia home from the University for Thanksgiving if I can't leave Rob alone. Perhaps she can grab a ride from someone, or perhaps she will stay there and have Thanksgiving with her uncle and aunt?
•Set up 24/7 caregiving schedule for Rob (through Christmas)?
•Christmas shopping. Probably entirely on line.
•Buy a new electric blanket (ours is old and grotty and therefore unsafe for the immune-suppressed) and new sheets (we have only one set, and they have to be cleaned/changed frequently when he comes home).
•Send out holiday cards and letter (already purchased).

It would be nice, but I'm not sure I'll get to it:
•Contracting for electrical repairs
•Contract to get an iron hand rail installed for the steps up to our house
•Buying new towels and rugs for our newly refinished bathroom
•Thank you notes
•Keep up with Alternity

Do you wonder why I've turned out all the lights tonight and am not handing out trick or treat candy?


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