Jan. 3rd, 2015

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We have been visiting with family this week, but I wanted to get pictures up of our Christmas morning breakfast.

The menu included chocolate eggnog bread pudding,

Chocolate bread pudding

bacon, and fruit with pastry stars:

bowl of stars

Here's what it looked like, all put together:

the meal

Family gathering

More pictures under the cut )

All done
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Fiona has a work shift and wants to get back to her apartment, so we held our 12th night celebration today, a few days early.

On the menu was sweet rolls, bacon, fruit salad and cocoa:

Sweet rolls

twelfth night table 2

Twelfth night table

twelfth night gifts

More pictures behind the cut )

Happy Twelfth Night (early) to you and yours:

Family 12th night
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My nephew, David Hedding, to my delight and at my urging, has signed up with Patreon, an innovative site which connects artists with people who support their work. David is a musician, music producer and visual artist who will be creating videos as well as other artistic offerings. He's just put his page up, so please check it out and support him, as well as the many other talented creators (musicians, writers, visual artist and more) who are using the crowd sourcing of Patreon to build a stable base of income, as well as a community of people who support their artistry. You can pledge a sum which you choose (nominal or generous; you choose) which is given to the artist (I use PayPal) everytime they upload their work. Really a cool idea.

Check out David's page here.

Here's a video of David singing 'Blackbird,' accompanied by his brother, Mike.


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