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This is a GREAT story. Watch this: it'll be the best ten minutes you'll spend today.

A 9-year-old boy spent the summer building a cardboard arcade in his dad’s small auto parts store in East L.A.

His first and only customer, who happened to be a filmmaker, decided to bring some more people to play.

9 year old Caine Monroy is about to have the best day of his life.

Oh, and by the way – if you go to the Caine’s Arcade site they put together, you’ll see that people have chipped in over $137,000+ for him to go to college. There's also a Facebook page.

This decreased worksuck in a major way. Kudos to the loving dad. George Monroy, who found a way to foster his son's creativity while running his business. Here's an interview done by the local NBC affiliate, which includes a short interview with the dad, and it's hilarious: "We're in a junkyard and this is the front office. So he started taking up half the office. And then he had three-quarters of the office, and I just kept moving over and over as he kept building. He kept using bigger boxes. Then he tried to make a ticket thing with a leaf blower. He made me go buy a leaf blower so he could blow tickets around inside the box. So we bought a leaf blower, we plugged it in and tickets were flying everywhere."

Kudos also to filmaker Nirvan Mullick, who took the trouble to NOTICE.

A short film by Nirvan, produced by Interconnected.
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Yeah, it's an ad. It's still really fun.

(And I kinda want that dress, too. I like that they used woman of all different sizes and shapes.)

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At Heathrow Airport. This one is a T-Mobile commercial. Guaranteed to bring a smile. Amazingly, no instruments were used.

(I particularly like the absolutely dumbfounded expression on the guy's face at 2:00, and the singing of the two groups that come strutting in at 2:09.)

Edited to add: In order, with song and artist who made it famous:

At Last - Etta James
Comin' Home Baby - Michael Buble
Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison
The Passenger - Iggy Pop
The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy
Oh My God - Kaiser Chiefs (later covered by Mark Ronson/Lily Allen)
I Knew You Were Waiting (for Me) - Aretha Franklin/George Michael
Welcome Home - Peters & Lee

Here's another fascinating video about the making of the video up above. )
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as I know the entire Messiah by heart (Soprano section). And I mean the WHOLE thing, not just the Hallelujah Chorus.


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