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Today is the 14th anniversary of my online journal. Hurrah! It seems appropriate to post my newest SoulCollage card. I created this up at my sister Betsy's cabin, where I went with Betsy and Greg and my mom and Delia (Fiona was feeling under the weather) for a one day retreat in honor of my birthday (tomorrow)

This very pretty card was created by cannibalizing my old We'Moon desk calendars. I feel a bit guilty: its prettiness is due to other people's talents, not mine.

Creation's Wheel of the Year

Creation's Wheel of the Year - Council Card
I am the One who turns the Wheel of the Year, circling around from birth and to death and then birth again. I am at the heart of all living things.

This is certainly akin to my Death and Rebirth card, but it adds the aspect of time, and of the neatness of the natural cycles, both the month and the year. I like the circle of what I think of as the Holy Tree going through the cycle, I adore what I take to be the little winged eggs, I like the circles being related to the spirals of DNA. Reminds me of the Peter Mayer song 'All the World is One.' One of the verses goes:
Ask an atom in the breath you take
Ask the water by the river bank
Ask a strand of DNA--it's written in your blood
One life running in your veins
One light from one big bang
You can try and separate it
But all the world is one, all the world is one
Huh, I went looking for the post where I posted my Death and Rebirth card, but I couldn't find it. Maybe I never put it up. Here it is )

Edited to add: I mentioned the 14th anniversary of my online journal to Fiona, who replied, "Wow, it's old enough to go to high school now!"
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for Peter Mayer concert. So happy!
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I just bought Peter Mayer's newest album and am already obsessed with two or three songs on the album. But this one particularly stands out.

I have someone who I particularly love who struggles with depression. When she's having a tough time, she talks about feeling 'broken,' and hence, worthless.

The Japanese idea of kintsugi might be particularly helpful, the idea that the pot that is broken and mended is even more valuable, and the cracks are part of the beauty.

It's also an especially lovely song.

(Here's another link to a different performance of the song by Peter, and he talks about the concept a bit in the song introduction.)
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A lovely Halloween song by one of my favorite artists, Peter Mayer (and a nice life lesson):


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