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Week 37: Curse
The campaign is having some difficulties.

Week 37 Curse.jpg

This card is about how the fanart contest I had planned for EverTwixt ran into some problems. The day the contest was launched, Kelly (the owner of EverTwixt) fell down the stairs, resulting in a concussion and broken arm. An inauspicious start. We decided it was due to the malign influence of Baba Yaga, the nemesis of the stories on the website. We also determined that the contest had to be rejiggered, because we weren't getting the response to the ads that we'd hoped.

Week 38: Redesign
I spent the week redesigning the contest, hoping to still find our mystery artist out there somewhere.

Week 38 Redesign.jpg

This card represents both the fact that I redesigned the particulars of the contest, since Kelly was unavailable (landing pages, email automation), and the silhouette also represents that mysterious artist we still hoped to find.

Week 39: Certification
I took the test and finished the Hubspot Academy Inbound Marketing course.

Week 39 Certification.jpg

The Inbound Marketing course is built on the four stages of inbound marketing as Hubspot sees them: Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight.

Week 40: Treats
I begin designing the website for Barking Good Healthy Treats.

Week 40 Treats.jpg

Week 41: Girls
Meals with my girls mean love.

Week 41 Girls.jpg

This combined two Snapchats: Fiona and I send this a Snapchat to Delia informing her of our brunch at Turtle Bread Bakery. Delia also sent us a Snapchat, showing the set up of her table at her new apartment in Eau Claire. The vase of peonies were the ones I brought with me when we moved Delia in.


May. 21st, 2016 09:45 pm
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A shiny new badge on my LinkedIn page:

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I have been working on marketing with a writing friend Kelly McClymer, whom I met at Clarion when I attended it in the late 80s.

Kelly's site is called, an immersive storyverse, and she has just launched a fan art contest. The Grand Prize is $200 and the opportunity to have your art featured as the cover of an ebook. Do you know any fan artists who might be interested? Help me spread the word? The registration is open now and closes May 9, and the contest ends May 25.

EverTwixt Art is Magic 2016.jpg

Click on the graphic above (or here) to learn more. From there, follow the link at the bottom of the page to get further details, and then click from there to register. Thanks, and please share this to let others know!

Edited to add:


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