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Fiona and I went to see Next to Normal tonight. This song was the one that made me bawl. In it, the husband, Dan, is trying to convince the wife to sign a form giving consent to undergo a scary medical procedure. She is at the hospital and he has been living at home.

I am in exactly this position. We signed the papers a couple of weeks ago. Now I sit at home alone, waiting and hoping while Rob is in the hospital.

I listened to the soundtrack after I dropped off Fiona and drove home. A single light was shining on the porch when I reached it, just as this song was playing.
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Two items of wunderbar news came down this week: first of all, Delia has landed HER DREAM JOB. Why yes, she is going to be working part time at Michaels, the craft store. She's only wanted to work there since she was eight.

Secondly! A part in a play! And not just any play, but a really major role: she is going to be playing Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream. She received news that she had the part and she wavered a bit, wondering if she could handle it, along with classes and the job. But she's decided to go for it. We're just thrilled for her.

Kudos to Miss Delia from her proud parents.
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A very interesting analysis of one of the scenes from Next to Normal (I'd included a video from it in my previous post about the musical). Warning: includes a significant plot spoiler from the middle of the first act.
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Fiona saw Next to Normal at the Mixed Blood Theater and called me on her cell phone as soon as she walked out of the theater to demand that YOU MUST GO SEE THIS IMMEDIATELY OMG. I went to see it the next day. I have since bought the soundtrack and am listening to it now. Mixed Blood did a fabulous job with it.

For those of you not familiar with this musical (I wasn't), Next to Normal is an account of a family struggling with mental illness. The mother is bipolar, and the father, who really loves her, is at his wit's end. The play also includes the son, the daughter, and the daughter's boyfriend, and carefully shows how the turmoil caused by mental illness reverberates throughout the entire family system, into the next generation.

The music was also stunning. Here is a performance between the mother (Alice Ripley), the father (J. Robert Spencer), and the son (Aaron Tveit) of the Broadway cast, who also recorded the soundtrack. (The performance begins at the 1:10 minute mark).

You Don't Know/I Am the One )

Another song performed by Alice Ripley gets at the issue of medication noncompliance, how some people go off their medications because they miss the highs of the manic phase.

I Miss the Mountains )

Anyway, if you are interested in the topic of severe mental illness and its effect on family dynamics, I really recommend the soundtrack.


Nov. 4th, 2012 01:37 pm
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Here is the program guide for the theater performance/Town Hall program that Fiona has been doing this quarter, "Debt." Fiona is right at the top, under the title.

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Fiona went to see a shortened version on a field trip with her high school and reports that the show is "awesome."

This, as you'll perhaps realize, represents stunning progress in the quality of her critical assessment from the point I previously mentioned, when the only word she could ever articulate to evaluate anything was "good."

Yes, friends list, the Guthrie's Midsummer Night's Dream is not merely good. It's awesome.

Well, there you have it. Go out and buy your tickets today. I'm going to be seeing myself with the family on June 1.


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