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I am much hungrier than usual. The nutrition guide said I should up my calories from the range I'd been trying to stay in before I started this, and I was dubious, but oh boy, I've really noticed a difference in my appetite.

Tony Horton seems really kind and encouraging. I certainly appreciate all the modifications he points out, and I feel more confident that I'll be able to keep this up, although I certainly can't do all the exercises yet. Not even close. But I'm confident that I'll get better.

I can tell that my problematic right knee will continue to be a factor.

Tony Horton's personality, on the other hand, really sets my teeth on edge. I can best describe it as, um, 'California Smarmy.' I can tolerate it for now. (I do note that there is an option to turn the sound off. I may resort to that in the future!) The program does seem solid, challenging, and safe.

Still sore, but not unbearably so. I am resorting to painkillers.
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Now that I'm thinking about this, it's instructive to look back at this post I made back in 2003, about making a life list/bucket list. Here's an excerpt:
If I'm really serious about doing this, it means that if I put something on the list, I mean to be really determined about wanting to do it. Some considerations: I am, perhaps, a bit more limited because I am starting later in life than Zora and John Goddard did, and some things you just can't do in life if you start too late (I'm too old, physically, for example, to become a master gymnast). And some things I might think would be cool, theoretically, but I don't really want to do them, and so there is no reason to put them down. Fly an airplane, or win an Olympic medal comes to mind.

But if I really mean to do this, and address anything I might put down really seriously, then who knows? I might really re-shape drastically the direction of my life.

Life List - first draft
Graduate from college
Get graduate degree
Marry, have children
Write a book and get it published
Study a martial art (which one? How do I decide how proficient should I be before I can check this one off the list?)
Learn how to play Gaelic fiddle
Become proficient in French
Learn how to fire a gun
Run a marathon
I hereby ceremoniously draw a line through the top item on the 2003 list:

Study a martial art

I was right when I wrote that post: devoting myself to an item on the list DID require a drastic reshaping of my life. With karate, that reshaping worked really well for a long time. Now it's time to think about whether I want to reshape my life in new ways. I note that the next item on this list is one I've actually been thinking more and more about lately. Number one problem: cost. I could use Fiona's violin, which she left at home, I suppose, but she says it's even too small for her now. Which means it would be REALLY small for me. So that means renting one, except I really can't afford to do so. Or pay for lessons. And...commitment. Do I really want to do this? Do I want to put in the work? I LOVE Irish music. Does that mean I want to actually buckle down to learning how to do it? Where would I play?


Anyone know anyone locally here in the Twin Cities who teaches gaelic fiddle?

More suggestions for the bucket list, friends list? What might a fify-one year old woman who is trying to stretch herself and continue to be interesting and adventuresome consider exploring?
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I've created a wizard rock set list which adheres pretty closely to the plot of the seven books, book by book. I chose a variety of artists I particularly like, that have done a good job of dramatically presenting various scenes or just the feeling the books evoke, through their lyrics and music.

Here's how I'd tell the story of Harry Potter through Wizard Rock songs )

Your suggestions, additions, deletions? I'm probably relying most heavily on Riddleâ„¢ and Ministry of Magic, with a goodly dose of Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, the Parselmouths, the Weasel King, the Remus Lupins, the Whomping Willows, and Oliver Boyd & the Remembralls.


Jul. 2nd, 2010 10:00 pm
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Why am I attempting to wear bifocals when they are just giving me a headache? Will it get better? If not, why did I spend my hard-earned money on them?

Why is there no chocolate?

Why am I not at Convergence?

(I won't ask why my daughter got mugged. I figure I already know the answer to that.)
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I planted my garden containers with miniature tomatoes. They are already noticeably thriving after a mere week and a half. The hanging baskets on the porch look great. The hostas look lovely in the front. And I never have to buy flats of impatiens to plant in that front garden ever again.

The hanging pot of mixed white and blue lobelia gives me deep joy every time I walk out the back door.

Rob has a job interview next Wednesday for a job he really really wants, for which he would be well-suited, and which I think would make him ecstatically happy. Grateful thanks to [ profile] jenett who brought the opening to our attention! He made the cut to the top four candidates (there will be a later interview for the top two). Please send good thoughts and prayers our way.

The weather the past week has been gorgeous.

I will get a lot of overtime pay in my next paycheck.

At the end of the month, Rob will have been unemployed for a year. Yet, we are still managing to pay all our bills on time, and we actually have more money in the bank than a year ago. I have been a good steward of our resources, and God has truly been good to us.

I am hopeful and happy--for the most part--about our new President.

New Hampshire joined the list of states today that allow gay marriage.

Fiona got a call from that high school jobs program. She may get a job with them after all--at a public library. Man, the universe is doing a good job of finding jobs for her that exactly suit her.

I think I have finally achieved some hard-won peace about something Elinor Dashwood has been processing for over a month.

I think the Decrease Worldsuck has changed my thinking about my life. I have found such joy in discovering that I can make a difference every day (well, most days) and I am eager to see what this project will bring me and my family for the remainder of the year.

I dropped Fiona off at karate tonight and then drove to Anodyne Coffee where I had a delicious vegan salad. Then, I drove to Tanglewood Gardens, where I browsed the lovely plants for awhile and then stepped across the street for a hot fudge frozen custard sundae. As I was driving back to pick Fiona up again, I rolled down the window and looked up at the blue, blue sky, and admired the flowers in the gardens I passed, and I thought to myself, I am happy. I am truly, truly happy. I must remember this feeling so I can pull it out on dark winter days for comfort. I can see the holy tree growing within in my own heart without the slightest difficulty. The branches are flowering, the fruit is beginning to form, and the light from it is so bright that it illuminates my whole life with happiness and wonder.

I love being alive. I love my life and my family.

Right now, this moment, I am perfectly, exquisitely happy.
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It's awesome to have a totally clear day outside for my birthday. Free birthday coffee from Caribou for the win.

Chris Stewart in another racism accusations kerfluffle. Surprised? Not. Judging from experience, I'm much more inclined to believe Tim Cadotte.

The reunion for the Mexico mission group is this coming Sunday, which is the same day as the May Day parade. I'm wildly irritated about this; I don't want to miss the parade, but the girls don't want to miss the reunion, which would mean driving to Minnetonka.

I have been forced to hand over the cell phone to Rob, who needs it for his job with the census, so Mom, if you try to call it to reach me, you'll reach him instead. It is making me remarkably twitchy to be without it.

The Tonks and the Auror's EP "Tonks for the Memories" has given me hope again for the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club.

Tonight we have a simultaneous Girl Scout meeting, karate class and school meeting for parents. I suppose I'm supposed to get dinner in there somewhere, too, only I have no idea where.

I need a book to read.

I am starting to get a very very tiny itch to write original fiction again. I'm not sure what, if anything, will come of it.

My lawn looks just terrible, and I have zero incentive to do anything with the garden this year. Lack of money, time, motivation. My sister assures me that gardening gets easier when the kids get a bit older. Until then, avert your eyes when passing my house. Sorry.

Bete noir flourless chocolate cake for lunch, also for the win. It's my birthday. Bite me.

I'm not going to start riding my bike May 1, because of the knee problems. I am feeling a great deal of guilt over this. But my knee hurts every time I do something as innocent as hiking it up to cross my legs.

Sometimes grace is all about just going on with your life, despite everything. There may be pride there, too. I've been taught to extol one and be suspicious of the other, but I suppose it doesn't matter as long as the result is the same. Right?
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Ingredients for a really bad morning:
A teenager who has not had enough sleep.

A teenager who thinks she can finish her paper on the morning that it's due.

A subzero coldsnap.

A teenager who refuses to wear her gloves because they don't really keep her hands warm enough. (Oh, so like, bare skin is better?)

An orthodontist appointment at 7:30 a.m.

A cross-town highway that is crawling at 5 miles per hour when the speed limit is 55 miles per hour.

A car radio that no longer plays The Morning Show but instead news reports about the terrible economy.

A jeep that reeks from last week's electrical fire.

A school start time of 8:30 a.m.

A teenager's messenger bag that manages to insinuate the bag's strap into the mechanism of the jeep's hatch, thus rendering it unable to open.
When you're kicking the jeep and bawling out of sheer rage and frustration before 8:45 in the morning, you know it's probably not going to be a very good day.
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No calorie scones

A mechanic who could identify and fix the oil leak in my car

More flexible hamstrings

A dishwasher

Rob finding a job


Aug. 26th, 2008 10:54 pm
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Consider my last half week:

Brown belt test, advanced division
Continuing with 100 pushups challenge
Biking to and from work
Spin kicks practice at karate tonight, and yes, as it ALWAYS does, the tornado kick wrenched my inner groin muscles
continue (fruitlessly) trying to stretch out my super tight hamstring muscles

It is no wonder that if Rob didn't have to have the car tomorrow to take the girls to the orthodontist, I would be driving to work. Because, damn, I hurt all over. And tomorrow I'm expecting girly cramps. I've sure been putting my body through a lot lately. I think it's trying to tell me that really, enough is enough.
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What with the 100 pushup challenge, I've been thinking about the goals I have in my life, and the progress I'm making toward them. I'm a Myers-Briggs ENFJ, and the "J" means that I'm into goals, schedules, structures (unlike my husband, who in contrast is a "P" go-with-the-flow sort of guy. A frequent source of, shall we say, not seeing eye-to-eye on things in our marriage).

I like setting goals for myself. I respond well to them, for the most part. Sometimes, however, I get frustrated with myself because I am not making the progress I would like. Sometimes that is due to the goal I have in mind isn't very realistic; sometimes I sabotage myself--mildly. Sometimes real life gets in the way (i.e., Rob's job loss has been a set back in a number of different areas).

Money Goals )

Fitness Goals )

Other goals )

What are some of your goals?
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1. Third time isn't particularly a charm. It's a good thing I'm telling practically nobody about this.
2. How dare you!
3. Would you cut it out? Do you have to do that almost every night? You are digging your grave with your own teeth.
4. Aren't you glad you're not around so I can't nag you about it?
5. Ouch.
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Harry and the Potters concert - awesome

Eyes - stinging. Must replace contact lens

Ears - ringing. I bought ear plugs. And wore them. But still enjoyed the music hugely. Yes, I'm old. Bite me.

Body - bone-weary exhausted

Mind - happy


Jul. 25th, 2008 04:33 pm
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[ profile] kijjohnson does this. I can do it, too.

1. It would perhaps be easier if I were more used to it. Why now? Hormones? I thought that by now it would be going the other way.
2. There can never be enough, but drawer space is limited.
3. There are times when I am convinced that they really don't deserve me.
4. That's okay, because I really don't deserve them either.
5. The guilt would be more productive if I actually did something about it.
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Wizard rockers (some with relatively sizeable followings) that I cannot bring myself to like, no matter how many times I try include:

Creevey Crisis
Split Seven Ways
The Moaning Myrtles (oddly enough, I've liked what they've done with Ministry of Magic)

Then there are a few for which I'm still holding out hope, though I haven't bought/downloaded anything yet, like Tonks and the Aurors

Peg, listening to bad wizard rock so you don't have to.
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Another parent meeting at school, this one for Fiona's Robotics Team. I sooooo do not want to go to this. Right in the middle of the dinner hour, dammit, and it'll mean I miss karate.

I am still irritated about all the incredibly stupid (and often bigoted) commentary I've been reading in blogs and news services about the outing of Dumbledore. And then I get mad at myself for even caring what idiots say.

I am gaining weight again. I didn't want to go back over 150, but I did. Dammit.

My check register doesn't match the data input on Quicken, which means I'll have to chase down the subtraction error. I am extremely anal about making sure my paper and computer records correlate, but I can't find where I screwed up. I hate this.

My office is a mess because I have the financial paperwork spread out all over the floor, for making Quicken entries and filing.

I need to start writing that paper for Fantasy Matters and I feel singularly uninspired.

I am excessively irritated with Fiona over something. It's between her and me (and her geography teacher). Best not to ask. Really.

My husband is still unemployed.
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Recent reasons why Things Are Not Going Well in Peg's world

Gray and cloudy.
My attempts to lose more weight have totally stalled.
$466 in car repairs this month.
Going on week three of this virus. I am still coughing, and I am still periodically losing my voice, on and off throughout each day. I will probably e-mail my doctor tonight.
The last three new recipes I have tried specifically to cater to Delia's requirements she has entirely refused.
The state of the house.

Additional reasons why Things Are Not Going Well in Peg's world, but Elinor Dashwood is not willing to go into further detail.

Recent Things Going On in School.
Rob's job hunt.

Apropos of nothing: Bengal Spice Tea helps.


Oct. 2nd, 2007 07:20 pm
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Gacked from [ profile] weaselmom:

If you comment on this post, I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

Here are the interests from my list that [ profile] weaselmom picked to ask me about:

endicott studio A consortium of writers and artists, grouped around Terri Windling, a noted fantasy writer and editor. Website here. She was the one who created the Fairy Tale series published by Tor--I had originally written The Wild Swans hoping to sell it to her for that series, although eventually I sold it to Warner instead. I enjoy her blog and journal.

letter games I first learned about letter games when I read Sorcery and Cecelia, which was co-written by one of my writing mentors, Patricia C. Wrede, and Caroline Stevermer ([ profile] 1crowdedhour). Basically, the idea is that one writer writes a letter, in character, and the other writer has to answer, and between the two of you, you start creating a story. But you can't tell the other writer what you intend the story to be. You just have to react to the latest letter. So it's a challenge to you as a writer as well as a game. I tried it, once, with [ profile] kijjohnson, and we started a pretty interesting story, set during the Civil War, but we never finished it.

mythopoeic fiction Fantasy fiction in the tradition of the Inklings (i.e. the writing group at Oxford, of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams. The Mythopoeic Society is a literary and educational organization for the study, discussion and enjoyment of fantastic and mythic literature, both the work of the Inklings and other works that continue in the same tradition. They present the Mythopoeic Award every year; The WIld Swans was a finalist for the year it was published, but it didn't win. Sigh.

paradigm of uncertainty I put this on the list because it was the first Harry Potter fanfiction I ever read, written by [ profile] madlori. I think I discovered it shortly after I started posting on the Harry Potter for Grownups Yahoo group. It's archived here. I believe it's generally considered THE classic Harry/Hermione story. It was this story that started me on a hunt for other fanfiction, a habit which I have not yet broken.

pre-joycean fellowship There's a definition of it here, at Wikipedia. It is rather a joke which started among a circle of writers, many of them local here in Minneapolis. I was aware of it because these were many of the same writers I was pumping for information on my question, "How do you write a novel, anyway?" (And after writing two of 'em, I'm still no clearer on this question.) Anyway, their works were the ones I enjoyed reading, and which influenced me the most while I was trying to master novel writing myself.

ritual I like rituals, and I work a lot of them into my daily life. Writing in my paper journal every day. Getting pictures of the girls on their birthdays and a picture of Rob and me on our anniversary. Always eating strawberries and cream for breakfast on the morning of July 6--that's the day after my anniversary, and I had strawberries and cream for breakfast the day we started our honeymoon. (Yum. In more ways than one.) Setting the table for Twelfth Night. Lighting candles on the night of the winter solstice. I firmly believe that I need rituals to ground and center me, and I love weaving them into my family life. I express my love for my kids and husband partly by the things I do without fail, every day, every week, every year.

winter I have very mixed feelings about winter. I can hardly avoid it in Minnesota, of course. I dreaded it for years when I came to realize that I suffered from seasonal affective disorder, and so my experience of winter was all tied up with my depression. I thought about it a lot when I was planning a book about winter magic (that book, alas, seems to be permanently put on hold).

Gradually, however, I came to identify the diamond in the heart of winter that Peter Gabriel talks about in his song "Winter Solstice." Learning to love winter is all about finding light in dark places (another interest on my list).
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I have no idea what to cook for dinner. I am really weary of trying to figure it out.

Delia will not eat
cooked tomatoes
cooked fruit
dried fruit
cooked vegetables
lasagna (Edited to add: Delia says she will eat some lasagna. If the cooked tomatoes are not detectable.)
beef, sometimes (this is unpredictable; sometimes she'll accept hamburger in, for example, spaghetti or tacos)
bell peppers (if cooked; she'll eat them raw)
kidney beans
pinto beans
garbanzo beans
fish (violently objects to the smell; can't cook it when she's in the house)
potatoes (Edited to add: Delia says she'll eat some potatoes. Certainly more than her sister will.)
turkey burgers (will eat sliced turkey. Occasionally)
brussel sprouts
most nuts, particularly in baked goods (she will eat smooth peanut butter)

Fiona will not eat
dried fruit
pineapple (allergic -- it causes hives)
chicken (unpredictable, but usually not)
pork (unpredictable, but usually not)
bell peppers, cooked or raw
kidney beans
pinto beans
garbanzo beans
brussel sprouts
most nuts, particularly in baked goods (she will eat smooth peanut butter)

Rob will not eat
vegetarian pizza
tofu (will only eat it if it's in [ profile] pameladean's Tofu French Silk Pie)
brussel sprouts

I will add items as more occur to me.

P.S. I have thrown in the towel and am resorting to canadian bacon pizza.
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The bike runs much better when the tires are inflated to the proper pressure.

Perfect weather. Absolutely perfect. Lovely walk on Stone Arch Bridge.

Decadent chocolate cake at the office to celebrate my fifteenth anniversary with the firm.

Bonus check for the same.

Some CDs purchased with said bonus.

The rest will be banked, easing my financial worries a little.

Forgetting that my karate class was supposed to start at 6:20 instead of 5:40 (sometimes I confuse my lesson times with Fiona's). So I took the class with the kids. And I had so much fun that I stayed and took my regular class. An hour and a half of karate. Excellent.

Fish tacos at Pepitos. Very cheap and tasty and extremely healthy.

Espresso chocolate cookie at Tillie's Bean.


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